​Executive Director, Karen Schneider

Assistant Secretary, Jammie Penm

Agricultural Commodities and Trade

  • Agricultural Trade
  • Agricultural Commodities
  • Research Engagement & Outlook

Assistant Secretary, Ilona Stobutzki

Fisheries, Forestry and Land

  • Domestic Fisheries & Marine Environment
  • International Fisheries Data & Assessments
  • Fisheries Economics
  • Quantitative Sciences

Assistant Secretary, Peter Gooday

Farm Analysis and Biosecurity

  • Productivity
  • Social Sciences
  • Infrastructure
  • Farm Analysis
  • Survey Collection

Assistant Secretary, Lisa Elliston

Deregulation and Portfolio Strategy

  • The Deregulation and Portfolio Strategies Branch informs the department's strategic direction by responding to current government priorities and emerging issues and through planning and reporting on the department's work. The branch delivers policy analysis, advice, coordination and support services to the minister, parliamentary secretary, their offices, the executive and divisions. This branch is also responsible for the coordination and implementation of the government's deregulation agenda, including support for the department's regulation audit, repeal day input, reporting and stakeholder engagement.

Library Resources, Steve Benson

Contact Information

Switchboard: +61 2 6272 2000

Postal address

GPO Box 1563
Canberra ACT 2601