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Welcome to the Monitor

The Monitor is an online tool that delivers a broad range of climatic, production, biophysical and economic information, for various regions throughout Australia.

The Monitor provides the ability to explore and report on spatial, temporal and point-based data and information at various regional scales. The Monitor also provides access to a mapping interface to view spatial data against several different region types.

Latest Updates

Ground cover information version 2.2 now available June 2013

Remotely sensed fractional ground cover gives better estimates of the area at risk of wind and water erosion than previously possible.

Maps of bare soil, green vegetation and non-green vegetation show:

  • monthly ground cover information for 2012
  • seasonal ground cover information for 2012
  • annual ground cover for 2012
  • long-term ground cover from 2000-2012

All displayed maps are mean values for the ground cover components. The maps are derived from the MODIS satellite sensor at 500 m resolution. They provide information on the amount of living, dry, and dead vegetation protecting the soil surface. Ground not covered by living, dry or dead vegetation is scored as bare ground. Ground cover levels of at least 70 per cent are encouraged to prevent soil erosion. Further validation of the MODIS fractional cover is currently underway, with a new version, Version 3.0 expected later in 2014.

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