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 Our objectives

To support evidence-based policy making by providing specialist policy-relevant research and advice to decision-makers on key policy challenges facing the agriculture, fisheries, forestry, food, resources and energy sectors today and into the future.

To develop our capability for integrated research and advice that will forge a stronger future for ABARES as a provider of such products to government, industry and the public.

To promote our research findings through our website, seminars, conferences and other communication media that best meet the needs of our stakeholders.

To manage and develop our people, systems and processes.

Guiding principles

ABARES operates under the following guiding principles:

1. Excellence – ensuring high-quality services and products are built upon a commitment to evidence, timeliness, accuracy and client quality expectations.

2. Promoting the value of good science and economics – ensuring that the core functions and processes of science, economics and innovation are always the driving forces behind our work and that reliability and validity remain paramount.

3. Making information accessible and understandable – striving to collect, analyse, contextualise and present technical and complex issues in language that can be understood and used by decision-makers.

4. Innovation and creativity – motivating and supporting individuals to develop original and creative approaches to support ABARES outcomes.