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 2014 Award Partners

Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Image of Australian Meat Processor Corporation logo

The Australian Meat Processor Corporation is a national R&D Corporation that represents the red meat processing plants throughout Australia. AMPC’s mission includes maximising efficiency, viability and sustainability of the red meat processing industry; assisting to secure and maintain market access; supporting mechanisms to attract, up skill and retain capability and investigating and developing scientific solutions that enhance overall productivity, performance and efficiency of the meat processing sector.  AMPC supports projects in a wide range of areas including meat science, automation and technology, environment and sustainability, animal health, biosecurity and animal welfare, traceability and market access.

Visit the AMPC website at

Australian Pork Ltd

Image of Australian Pork Ltd logo

APL would like to hear from young people wishing to develop a career in the pork industry or further develop their scientific skills by undertaking a project of relevance to the Australian industry.  Applicants should also consider opportunities to enhance their networks within the science community and pork industry, both nationally and internationally.  Applicants are encouraged to read APL’s 2010-2015 Strategic Plan and align their application with APL's 2013/14 R&D Priorities in one or more of the six priority areas – Marketing, supply chain & product development; Genetics, genetic modification & genetic transfer; Production & pork quality; Industry capability & technology transfer; Environment & welfare; and Quality assurance, Biosecurity & food safety. Visit the Australian Pork Ltd website.

Australian Wool Innovation

Image of Australian Wool Innovation logo

Australian Wool Innovation is responsible for delivering research, development and marketing functions for the Australian industry. In carrying out this role, AWI invests along the global supply chain for Australian wool – from woolgrowers to consumers – to deliver outcomes that benefit Australian woolgrowers.

Project areas for applicant should focus on the strategies and programs identified in the AWI 2014-16 Strategic Plan. Only RD&E projects will be considered.

Cotton Research and Development Corporation

Image of Cotton Research and Development Corporation logo

The 2014 Science and Innovation Awards are supported by Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC) as part of its commitment to investing in RD&E for the world leading Australian cotton industry.

CRDC supports and rewards young scientists for their exploration of concepts, novel solutions or engagement in the pursuit of scientific breakthroughs and new knowledge. CRDC’s investments occur along the entire cotton supply chain from the farm to the customer and contribute to the industry’s vision of Australian cotton, carefully grown and, naturally world’s best. CRDC welcomes scholarship project proposals that seek to advance the industry’s strategic R&D goals through innovative research methodologies or addressing emerging scientific issues.

CRDC invests in RD&E that improves the profitability, sustainability and competitiveness of the Australian cotton industry.  Visit the Cotton Research and Development Corporation website.

Australian Cotton – Carefully Grown – Naturally World’s Best

CSIRO Biosecurity Flagship

Image of CSIRO Biosecurity Flagship logo

The CSIRO Biosecurity Flagship is focused on helping to protect Australia from biological threats and risks posed by serious exotic and endemic pests and diseases.

We assemble strong multidisciplinary research teams, spanning the areas of animal, plant and environmental sciences, focused on tackling major national and international biosecurity challenges to help protect the health of our farming sector, environment and people.

We provide a vehicle to work closely with a wide range of external partners across the national and global biosecurity system to respond to Australia’s long term biosecurity needs in a more coordinated and focused research effort.

Protecting Australia is our primary concern and the Biosecurity Flagship offers great opportunities for Australia to further strengthen its biosecurity system by:

  • minimising the risk of entry, establishment or spread of pests and diseases
  • effectively dealing with exotic incursions and endemic outbreaks in a timely manner
  • controlling and eradicating post incursion and mitigating the impact of established pests and diseases.

Visit the CSIRO Biosecurity Flagship website.

Dairy Australia

Image of Dairy Australia logo

Dairy continues to be one of Australia’s leading rural industries with the farm–gate value of milk estimated at $4.0 billion. Conversion to finished product delivers an estimated wholesale value of approximately $6 billion in the domestic market and $3 billion in the export market. Nearly 55 per cent of Australia’s milk is consumed in the domestic market with the remainder exported to a variety of international markets – predominantly Asia. Globally recognized for its excellence in innovation, productivity in the Australian industry has increased significantly through improved pasture, feed, herd management and efficiency gains in manufacturing, distribution and exports. The industry encourages and nurtures young innovators and offers them exciting careers prospects.

The Science and Innovation Award and Dairy Australia's Innovation in Dairy Manufacturing Award are two examples of awards which have propelled innovative individuals into rewarding dairy careers.

Fisheries Research and Development Corporation

Image of Fisheries Research and Development Corporation logo

The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) and its stakeholders are focused on what the Corporation has adopted as its vision:  a vibrant Australian fishing and aquaculture industry, adopting world-class research to achieve prosperity and to wisely use the natural resources on which it depends. “Prosperity” in this sense encompasses not only the financial wellbeing of the commercial sector but also the many social and environmental values related to the commercial, recreational and indigenous customary sectors. The FRDC recognises that it is vitally important to support young people to develop the knowledge and capabilities to assist the fishing industry to reach its potential. The fishing industry faces significant challenges, but it also provides enormous opportunities to build a rewarding career. The person we are looking for to receive an FRDC sponsored award will have a great idea, will be a great role model for young people to further their interest in science, and be keen to use this opportunity to build their networks with other researchers, the FRDC and with industry.  We encourage applicants to obtain a copy of the FRDC’s RD&E Plan 2010-2015 by phoning our office on 02 6285 0400 or visit the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation website.

Grains Research and Development Corporation

Image of Grains Research and Development Corporation logo

The GRDC is one of the world’s leading investors in grains research, development and extension (RD&E), the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) is responsible for planning, investing in and overseeing RD&E to deliver improvements in production, sustainability and profitability across the Australian grains industry.  The GRDC is committed and passionate about the Australian grains industry and values creativity and innovation.  The GRDC’s mission is to create value by driving the discovery, development and delivery of world-class innovation in the Australian grains industry. The vision of the GRDC is for a profitable and sustainable Australian grains industry, valued by the wider community.

Applicants should consult the GRDC’s Annual Operational Plan 2012-13 and Strategic Research and Development Plan 2012-17 to assist them in preparing their applications.

Visit the Grains Research & Development Corporation website.

Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation

Image of Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation logo

The Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation (GWRDC) invests in research, development and extension (RD&E) to generate new information that enhances the profitability, international competitiveness and sustainability of the Australian wine sector.

Our RD&E investments come from levies on the annual winegrape harvest and matching contributions from the Australian Government.
We collaborate with our key stakeholders to coordinate and direct our investments to best address the sector’s strategic priorities, which are detailed in our Five-Year R&D Plan 2012–17 and our Annual Operating Plan 2012–13.

We support a competitive Australian grape and wine sector by investing and directing RD&E programs along the whole value chain ‘from vine to glass’.  Visit the Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation website.

Meat & Livestock Australia Limited

Image of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited logo

Meat & Livestock Australia Limited (MLA) is a producer-owned company with more than 47,500 members working across the beef, sheepmeat and goatmeat sectors.

MLA builds demand and productivity for Australia's livestock industry by delivering marketing and research services that create opportunities for livestock producers.

As part of work to build productivity, we invest industry levies with matching Australian Government funding in a broad range of research and development throughout the red meat supply chain.

Visit the Meat & Livestock website.

Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

Image of Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation logo

The Rural Industries R&D Corporation invests in research and development that will create the knowledge to support a more profitable, sustainable and dynamic rural sector. This includes research and development which focuses on providing the knowledge for diversification into new and emerging rural industries. New and emerging industries represented in RIRDC’s portfolio include essential oils and plant extracts, farmed rabbits, farmed redclaw crayfish, farmed mulloway, wildflowers and native plants, tea tree oil, crocodiles, and bioenergy. RIRDC invites applications from young people that will further our knowledge and understanding of innovations that could contribute to the growth and development of Australia’s new and developing industries. Applicants should consult the RIRDC website to assist them in the preparation of their applications.