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 What happens if I receive a Science Award grant?

If you are successful and receive a Science Award within your industry category Science Award, you will receive up to $22 000 (inc gst) to fund your project.

Recipients of a Science Award will then have the opportunity to apply for the Minister’s Award which provides additional funding for an extended research project.

Travel to Canberra and presentation function

The presentation function for the 2014 Science Award recipients will be held as part of the Outlook 2014 conference dinner on Tuesday 4 March in Canberra.

Full details will be provided closer to the event. This includes one complimentary registration to Outlook 2014 conference. Travel and accommodation expenses will be met by ABARES.

There is likely to be media interest in your project and your Science Award. The department’s external communications team can provide assistance and support. Your sponsor may also be interested in having you meet with their staff or speak at industry events and seminars.

Funding agreement

You will be required to sign a funding agreement with the Department of Agriculture, prior to commencing your project and receiving your funding.

A sample version of the funding agreement is available on the Science Awards website. You will have 12 months from the date of signing this document to finish your project.

Project reporting

As part of the terms of the funding agreement, you will be required to complete two progress reports. The first is due six months after commencing your project, which will detail the progress of your project, tasks completed, budget, timelines and outcomes.

At the end of the twelve months when you have completed your project, you will prepare and submit a final report. These reports will be provided to ABARES and your sponsor.