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Executive Director, Karen Schneider                

Chief Scientist, Kim Ritman

Chief Economist, Michael Harris     


Assistant Secretary and Chief Commodity Analyst, Jammie Penmn

Agricultural Commodities and Trade
·           Agricultural Trade     
·           Agricultural Commodities                        
·           Research Engagement & Outlook                           

Assistant Secretary, Helal Ahammad           

Adaptation and Biosecurity               
·           Biosecurity and Adaptation Economics
·           Agricultural Risks Management                              
·           Invasive Species                         
·           Agricultural Adaptation Sciences

Assistant Secretary, Ilona Stobutzki

Fisheries and Quantitative Sciences
·           Domestic Fisheries & Marine Environment          
·           International Fisheries Data & Assessments         
·           Fisheries Economics  
·           Quantitative Sciences               

Assistant Secretary, David Cunningham

Natural Resources              
·           Forest Sciences                                                          
·           Forest and Land Economics                     
·           Land Use & Management                         
·           Spatial Information Standards & Implementation

Assistant Secretary, Peter Gooday

Farm Analysis, Productivity and Social Sciences                           
·           Productivity                                                
·           Social Sciences                                                           
·           Infrastructure                                                             
·           Farm Analysis             
·           Survey Collection                                      

Library Resources, Steve Benson


Contact Information

Switchboard: +61 2 6272 2000                       

Postal address

GPO Box 1563
Canberra ACT 2601