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 Conference Program

The Outlook 2012 conference has concluded. Thank you to the chairs and speakers for your contribution to the conference and to the delegates for your attendance.

Footage of the sessions is now available on YouTube.

Tuesday 6 March

Time Royal Theatre
9.00 – 9.40am

Chair: Virginia Haussegger
ABC Canberra

Welcome to Country

Opening address
Senator the Hon Joe Ludwig
Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

9.40 – 11.00am

Economic overview

Paul Morris
Prospects for Australia’s rural industries
- Presentation PDF [400 KB]

Bill Evans
Outlook for the Australian economy
- Presentation PDF [479 KB]

Bruce Kasman
JP Morgan Chase
Prospects for the world economy
- Presentation PDF [204 KB]

11:00 – 11.30am Morning tea
Time Royal Theatre Bradman Menzies Nicholls
11:30 – 12:45pm

Farm sector performance – current and future prospects

Chair: Leigh Radford
ABC Rural

Bruce Bowen
Australian farm performance 2011–12
- Presentation PDF [462 KB]

Mick Keogh
Australian Farm Institute
Factoring risk into farm decision making
- Presentation PDF [655 KB]

Khan Horne
National Australia Bank
Lending to Australian agriculture – facts and insights
- Presentation PDF [672 KB]

Forestry investment outlook

Chair: Ric Sinclair
Forest and Wood Products Australia

David Cunningham
Australian forests and wood products: status and trends
- Presentation PDF [910 KB]

David Pollard
Australian Forest Products Association
Investment outlook for the forestry sector
- Presentation PDF [369 KB]

Keith Crews
University of Technology, Sydney
Consumer demand for innovative wood products
- Presentation PDF [6.4 MB]

Eco labelling for Australian seafood – is it the way to go?

Chair: Patrick Hone
Fisheries Research and Development Corporation

Robert Curtotti
Fishery status reporting – informing the sustainability debate
- Presentation PDF [832 KB]

Armineh Mardirossian
Sustainable seafood sourcing at Woolworths
- Presentation PDF [1.9 MB]

David Carter
Austral Fisheries
Sustainability – eco–labels are not the whole story

Grahame Turk
Sydney Fish Market
Eco–labelling — what are we telling consumers?
- Presentation PDF [1.2 MB]

Agricultural stewardship - international perspectives

Chair: Lauchlan McIntosh
AgStewardship Australia

Russel Hurst
CLEANFarms / CropLife Canada
Agricultural stewardship and regulation in Canada
- Presentation PDF [3.3 MB]

Graeme Norton
Agrecovery New Zealand
Product stewardship enhancing market access for NZ farmers
- Presentation PDF [2.4 MB]

Karen Gomez
AgStewardship Australia
Agricultural stewardship progress around the world
- Presentation PDF [2 MB]

12:45–2.00pm Lunch
Time Royal Theatre Bradman Menzies Nicholls

Global food markets 2050

Chair: Phillip Glyde
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

Mark Rosegrant
International Food Policy Research Institute
Longer term prospects for global food demand
- Presentation PDF [492 KB]

Zhangyue Zhou
James Cook University
Prospects for food demand in China
- Presentation PDF [458 KB]

Neil Andrews
Food demand to 2050 – opportunities for Australia
- Presentation PDF [269 KB]

Biosecurity – facilitating trade

Chair: Colin Grant
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

Andrew Inglis
Biosecurity Advisory Council
Challenges for biosecurity policy
- Presentation PDF [804 KB]

Geoff Honey
Grain Trade Australia
New export inspection and certification arrangements for grains
- Presentation PDF [1.8 MB]

Lucy Gregg
Fruit Growers Tasmania
Gaining access to the Japanese and Korean cherry markets
- Presentation PDF [3.7 MB]


Chair: Ian Halliday
Dairy Australia

John Hogan
Outlook for dairy
- Presentation PDF [906 KB]

Barry Irvin
Bega Cheese
Sink or swim an ocean of opportunity
- Presentation PDF [1.8 MB]

Natural disasters - clever responses

Chair: Leigh Radford
ABC Rural

Neil Plummer
Bureau of Meteorology
A tale of two La Niñas
- Presentation PDF [1.9 MB]

Graeme Newton
Queensland Reconstruction Authority
- Presentation PDF [9 MB]

Ron Harris
Department of Primary Industries VIC
Agricultural recovery from natural disasters - a Victorian perspective
- Presentation PDF [554 KB]

3.30–4.00pm Afternoon tea
Time Royal Theatre Bradman Menzies
4.00 – 5.30pm

Progress and future of water policy reform in the Murray—Darling Basin

Chair: Leigh Radford
ABC Rural

Rhondda Dickson
Murray—Darling Basin Authority
The Murray—Darling Basin draft plan
- Presentation PDF [1.8 MB]

Chloe Munro
National Water Commission
The National Water Initiative –impacts, achievements, future action
- Presentation PDF [1.1 MB]

Mary Harwood
Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities
The water for the future program
- Presentation PDF [951 KB]


Chair: John Harvey
Grains Research and Development Corporation

Jammie Penm
Outlook for grains
- Presentation PDF [632 KB]

Alison Watkins
Realising Australia’s opportunity in grain
- Presentation PDF [1.1 MB]

Malcolm Bartholomaeus
Profarmer Grain
The tools for hitting income targets and minimising risks in a deregulated wheat market
- Presentation PDF [124 KB]

Horticulture – market alternatives

Chair: Richard Mulcahy

Max Foster
Outlook for horticulture
- Presentation PDF [708 KB]

Jane Adams
Australian Farmers’ Market Association
Grow up: fresh direct marketing channels
- Presentation PDF [9.7 MB]

Vince Pinneri
SPC Ardmona
The future of fruit and vegetable processing in Australia
- Presentation PDF [1.7 MB]

Jack Milbank
Hortus Technical Services and Nuffield Scholar
Competing for export markets
- Presentation PDF [2.1 MB]

6.30pm for 7.00pm Conference dinner with recipients of the 2012 Science and Innovation Awards and Biosecurity Awards

Wednesday 7 March

Time Royal Theatre Bradman Menzies
9.00 – 9.30am

Chair: Leigh Radford
ABC Rural

Keynote address
The Hon Sid Sidebottom MP
Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

9.30 – 11.00am

Carbon mitigation and agriculture

Chair: Shayleen Thompson
Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency

Helal Ahammad
Carbon Farming Initiative and agriculture’s role in Australia’s low emissions future
- Presentation PDF [628 KB]

Michael Battaglia
Understanding the gaps between technical and realisable mitigation opportunities in Australia
- Presentation PDF [2719 KB]

Ben Keogh
Australian Carbon Traders
Carbon farming: practicalities and realities
- Presentation PDF [93 KB]

Northern beef long term strategy – for a sustainable industry

Chair: Robyn Fleming
Department of Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sport

Trish Gleeson
Northern Australian beef industry: risks and opportunities
- Presentation PDF [359 KB]

Luke Bowen
Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association
The Northern Australia beef sector: a producer’s perspective
- Presentation PDF [9.5 MB]

John Berry
JBS Australia
The Northern Australia beef sector: a processor’s perspective
- Presentation PDF [1.2 MB]

Food supply chain issues

Chair: Daniela Stehlik
Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

Steve Spencer
Food supply chain – future implications
- Presentation PDF [368 KB]

David McKinna
McKinna et al
Supermarkets and consumer preferences
- Presentation PDF [4.2 MB]

David Pearce
The Centre for International Economics
Transport infrastructure for Australia's agricultural needs
- Presentation PDF [234 KB]

11:00 – 11.30am Morning tea
Time Royal Theatre Bradman Menzies Nicholls
11.30am – 12.45pm

Agriculture adapting to climate change

Chair: Andrew Ash

Kim Ritman
Farm risk management in a changing climate
- Presentation PDF [1.7 MB]

Snow Barlow
National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility
On–farm options and technologies to reduce climate change risks
- Presentation PDF [1.3 MB]

Fleur Grieve
Producer, Riverside Ajana, WA
A whole systems approach to adaptation
- Presentation PDF [1.4 MB]

Agriculture and coal seam gas development – pathways to coexistence

Chair: Drew Clarke
Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism

Peter Stone
CSIRO and Gas Industry Social and Environmental Research Alliance
Coal seam gas: intersections with agriculture and water resource management
- Presentation PDF [1.1 MB]

Rick Wilkinson
Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association
Social license to operate in the coal seam gas sector – an industry perspective
- Presentation PDF [1.3 MB]

Ray Brown
Western Downs Regional Council
Coexistence of agriculture and the coal seam gas sector – a regional perspective
- Presentation PDF [1.3 MB]


Chair: Leigh Radford
ABC Rural

Peter Collins
Outlook for meat
- Presentation PDF [434 KB]

Iain Mars
JBS Australia
Challenges and opportunities in the international market– a JBS perspective
- Presentation PDF [470 KB]

Scott Hansen
Meat and Livestock Australia
Outlook for emerging export markets for Australian beef
- Presentation PDF [296 KB]

Advances in crop science and technology

Chair: Ben Stapley
CropLife Australia

Rick Roush
University of Melbourne
GM and sustainable crop systems
- Presentation PDF [1.5 MB]

Andrew Hewitt
University of Queensland
Spray application technologies
- Presentation PDF [1.2 MB]

Richard Richards
Crop science contributions to food security
- Presentation PDF [979 KB]

12.45pm–2.00pm Lunch
Time Royal Theatre Bradman Menzies

Innovation and productivity

Chair: Su McCluskey
Council of Rural Research and Development Corporations

Alistair Davidson
Productivity: is it just about innovation?
- Presentation PDF [375 KB]

Steve Wright
John Deere
New frontiers in precision agriculture
- Presentation PDF [13 MB]

Greg Harper
Livestock R&D: should we kiss more frogs
- Presentation PDF [505 KB]

Philip Pardey
University of Minnesota
R&D and productivity growth in developing countries
- Presentation PDF [1.2 MB]

Perspectives on development in regional Australia

Chair: Leigh Radford
ABC Rural

Glenys Beauchamp
Department of Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sport
New approaches to regional policy
- Presentation PDF [940 KB]

Collene Longmore
Shire of Roebourne WA
Regional development: a north–west perspective
- Presentation PDF [3.5 MB]

Glenys Schuntner
Regional Development Australia Townsville and North West Queensland
Regional development: a north–east perspective
- Presentation PDF [1.3 MB]


Chair: Paul Swan
Australian Wool Innovation

Caroline Gunning–Trant
Outlook for fibres
- Presentation PDF [981 KB]

Xiao–ya Wei
Australian Wool Innovation
The Chinese wool textile industry: evolution to affluence
- Presentation PDF [1.6 MB]

Phil Graham
Department of Primary Industries NSW
2030 weather impact on the wool industry
- Presentation PDF [247 KB]

3.30pm – 4.00pm Afternoon tea
Time Bradman
4.00 – 5.30pm

What future for Australian farmers?

Facilitator: Pip Courtney
ABC Landline

Sam Archer
Wallaby Creek Pastoral Co, Gundagai NSW and Nuffield Scholar

Scott Gorringe
MurriMatters Consulting and Australian Rural Leadership Fellow

David Cussons
Producer, Boken–Boken, WA, Nuffield Scholar

Alana Johnson
Producer, Cleadon, VIC, social scientist and Australian Rural Leadership Fellow

Fleur Grieve
Producer, Riverside Ajana, WA and Climate Champion

Joanna Savill
The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide

Charlie McElhone
National Farmers' Federation

5.30pm Conference end