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Annual reports

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Image of the Annual Report 2013-14 cover.

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources​ annual reports provide information for our stakeholders and the wider community about the department’s operations and performance in each financial year, and review our progress towards more sustainable, profitable and competitive Australian agriculture, food, fisheries and forestry industries.

The department's most recent annual report is presented below. See Previous annual reports for other years.

Annual Report 2013–14

View the Department of Agriculture Annual Report 2013–14 online.

Full document

DocumentPagesFile typeFile size
Annual Report 2013–14315 PDF 6.6 MB

Individual chapters

DocumentPagesFile typeFile size
Contents2 PDF 41 KB
Letter of transmittal1 PDF 128 KB
1. The year in review16 PDF 429 KB
2. Overview12 PDF 365 KB
3. Our performance76 PDF 837 KB
4. Management and accountability24 PDF 459 KB
Appendixes32 PDF 558 KB
Financial statements108 PDF 1.6 MB
References42 PDF 668 KB

See Previous annual reports.​​​


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