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Our divisions and work groups are responsible for their own purchasing, but they are subject to Chief Executive Instruction (CEI) 4, which relates to procurement. CEI policies and guidelines complement the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines and purchasing policies.

The procurement CEI sets three thresholds for purchases: under $2,000, between $2,000 and $79,999, and $80,000 or more. Purchases worth less than $2,000 do not require competitive quotes. Purchases from $2,000 to $79,999 can be made, as appropriate, through the Department’s corporate contracts, through the Central Advertising System, or by using the Department’s purchasing procedures to source the market. Purchases of $80,000 or more are subject to public tender, but exemptions may be approved in some circumstances.

Those involved in purchasing use a checklist to ensure that they consider all necessary factors. The list includes scoping, specification development, advertising and evaluation of tenders, contract preparation and monitoring.

We publish our annual procurement plan on AusTender by 1 July each year to draw businesses’ attention to potential opportunities. The plan contains a short strategic procurement outlook for the Department, supported by details such as the subjects of planned procurements and the estimated publication dates of requests for tender.

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