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Agriculture Advancing Australia
AAHL Australian Animal Health Laboratory
AAWS Australian Animal Welfare Strategy
ABARE Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics
ABIC Agricultural Biotechnology International Conference
ACERA Australian Centre of Excellence for Risk Assessment
ACT Australian Capital Territory
AFAS Australian Fumigation Accreditation Scheme
AFMA Australian Fisheries Management Authority
agvet chemicals agricultural and veterinary chemicals
AHA Animal Health Australia
ANAO Australian National Audit Office
APEC Asia–Pacific Economic Cooperation
APLC Australian Plague Locust Commission
APS Australian Public Service
APVMA Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority
AQIS Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service
ASEAN Association of South-East Asian Nations
AusAID Australian Agency for International Development
AusBIOSEC Australian Biosecurity System for Primary Production and the Environment
AVIDG Australian Vegetable Industry Development Group
AVR Australian Veterinary Reserve
AWA Australian Workplace Agreement
AWHN Australian Wildlife Health Network
AWI Australian Wool Innovation Limited
AWS Australian Wool Services Limited


BESIU Business Ethics, Security and Investigation Unit
BIOSIRT Biosecurity, Surveillance, Incident Response and Training
BRS Bureau of Rural Sciences
BSE bovine spongiform encephalopathy


CCEAD Consultative Committee on Emergency Animal Diseases
CCEPP Consultative Committee on Emergency Pest Plants
CEI Chief Executive Instructions
COAG Council of Australian Governments
Codex Codex Alimentarius Commission
CRC cooperative research centre
CRF Consolidated Revenue Fund
CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
CWA Country Women’s Association


DEW Department of the Environment and Water Resources
DFAT Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
DITR Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources


EAD emergency animal disease
EBC enterprise-based conservation
EC Exceptional Circumstances
EMS environmental management system
EMT Executive Management Team
EPBC Act Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999
EPIRB emergency position indicating radio beacon
EPP emergency plant pest
EPPRD Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed (Government and Plant Industry Cost Sharing Deed in Respect of Emergency Plant Pest Responses)
ERZDRIP Emerging and Re-emerging Zoonotic Disease Regional Initiative Program
ESD ecologically sustainable development
EU European Union


FaCSIA Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
FMA Act Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997
FMD foot-and-mouth disease
FOI freedom of information
FOI Act Freedom of Information Act 1982
FRRF Fisheries Resources Research Fund
FSIS Food Safety and Inspection Service (United States)
FTA free trade agreement
FTE full-time equivalent


GCC Gulf Cooperation Council
GM genetically modified
GST goods and services tax
GTEM Global Trade and Environment Model


HPAI highly pathogenic avian influenza


IFFV illegal foreign fishing vessel
IOG Industry Oversight Group
IPPC International Plant Protection Convention
IRA import risk analysis
ISPMs international standards on phytosanitary measures
IT information technology


MCAS-S Multi-Criteria Analysis Shell for Spatial Decision Support
MLA Meat & Livestock Australia
MoU memorandum of understanding
MULO Minor Use Liaison Office


NAMS National Agricultural Monitoring System
NAQS Northern Australia Quarantine Strategy
NFIS National Food Industry Strategy
NHT3 third phase of Natural Heritage Trust
NLIS National Livestock Identification System
NLP National Landcare Program
NLWRA National Land and Water Resources Audit
NMI National Measurement Institute
NRM natural resource management
NRS National Residue Survey


OCPPO Office of the Chief Plant Protection Officer
OCVO Office of the Chief Veterinary Officer
OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OHS occupational health and safety
OHS Act Occupational Health and Safety (Commonwealth Employment) Act 1991
OIE World Organisation for Animal Health (formerly the Office International des Epizooties)


PBS Portfolio Budget Statements
PHC Plant Health Committee
PPPO Pacific Plant Protection Organisation
PRIA Public Relations Institute of Australia


R&D research and development
RDC research and development corporation
RFCS Rural Financial Counselling Service
RFMO regional fisheries management organisation
RIRDC Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation


SES Senior Executive Service
SPS sanitary and phytosanitary
SPS Agreement Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (WTO)
SPSCBP Sanitary and Phytosanitary Capacity Building Program (AusAID)


UAE United Arab Emirates
UN United Nations


WTO World Trade Organization


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