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Snapshot of agriculture, fisheries and forestry

  • ​Around 60 per cent of Australia’s agricultural production is exported.
  • Our three largest export destinations for agricultural products are South East Asia, China and Japan, which together account for around 44 per cent of Australian agricultural exports.
  • Australia is among the world’s largest exporters of wheat, beef, wool and dairy products.
  • We are a net exporter of food with net exports of around $16 billion in 2010–11.
  • Our three largest food exports are grains and oilseeds ($8.6 billion), meat ($6.7 billion) and dairy ($2.3 billion).
  • Our three largest food imports are beverages ($2 billion), processed fruit and vegetables ($1.5 billion) and processed seafood ($1.2 billion).
  • Food processing is the largest sector in the manufacturing industry.
  • Aquaculture accounts for almost 40 per cent of the total gross value of fisheries production.
  • The total gross value of fisheries production for aquaculture and wild-catch (Commonwealth and state) was $2.2 billion in 2009–10.
  • Forestry plantations supply around three-quarters of all logs harvested in Australia.
  • The value of forest product exports in 2010–11 is $2.5 billion with woodchip exports accounting for around 36 per cent.

Figure 1 Value of sector—what it's worth to GDP, 2010–11

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Figure 2 Gross values of production for agriculture, fisheries and forestry, 2009–10

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Figure 3 Value of exports for agriculture, fisheries and forestry, 2010–11

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Source: Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES)

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