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Our department plays a critical role in creating the environment for agricultural industries to grow and flourish. This starts with our role in ensuring a strong biosecurity system, through to our work supporting programs and regulations to maintain Australia's reputation as a high quality and safe producer, and in our role in assisting our producers to gain access to international markets.

Career opportunities with the Department of Agriculture could include policy development, program implementation, economic and scientific research and corporate service delivery. We encourage you to consider the diversity of employment opportunities offered to graduates by the department when setting out on your career path. The department’s portfolio responsibilities are broad, from trade and market access to biosecurity and sustainable resource management. For further information on the breadth of the department's work please consult the Organisational structure chart. PDF [1.5MB]

Once graduates commence with the Department of Agriculture they soon realise the many different career paths they can pursue within the one department simply due to the diverse range of work opportunities available.

At the Department of Agriculture we value diversity, recognising that people of different backgrounds, work styles and cultures, all combine to give the department an advantage in meeting stakeholder needs.

These are exciting and challenging times for Australia’s agricultural industries. The department's Graduate Development Program gives you the opportunity to work alongside like minded and passionate individuals to contribute to the management of Australia’s primary industries. For further information about the department visit the About us section of the website.