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Media centre


A communiqué may be issued at the end of working group or council meetings. It records the subjects discussed, declarations or statements on important matters and decisions reached in these meetings.

On the record

The department may issue additional statements on topics that generate high public interest.


The department distributes several newsletters to cover its diverse subject base–including the Biosecurity Bulletin, which provides regular information about developments in Australian biosecurity.

Department of Agriculture and Water Resource​s videos

The department has developed a YouTube channel to make available any videos it produces. All videos have text transcripts and audio-only options available.


The @DeptAgNews twitter account has been established as a channel to convey information to the media and others with an interest in the activities of the portfolio.

Media contacts

Media outlets can contact the media team by phone.​

  • Email form: Media
  • Phone: 02 6272 3232
  • International phone: +61 2 6272 3232

Members of the public and industry can contact us through our general inquiry contact information.


Last reviewed:
29 Sep 2015