Comment period for apple IRA report extended

​8 March 2004

Biosecurity Australia has extended the period for comments on the revised draft IRA report for apples from New Zealand until Monday 24 May 2004. 

“The apple industry is in the middle of annual harvest. We are responding to stakeholder concerns that 60 days may not be enough time for them to review the science and provide meaningful comment,” Biosecurity Australia’s Executive Manager Mary Harwood said today.

“The decision has been announced now to ensure that no stakeholders are disadvantaged. We are committed to effective consultation with our stakeholders and welcome technical and scientific comments on this substantial revised IRA report,” Ms Harwood said.

“I also want to reassure our stakeholders that the proposed quarantine measures are based on an extremely rigorous review of all relevant scientific evidence and are tough enough to deal with all quarantine pests and diseases associated with apples from New Zealand.”

Submissions should be addressed to:

Biosecurity Australia
GPO Box 858
Canberra ACT 2601

Media contact:

Biosecurity Australia DAFF Media +61 2 6272 3232

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25 Feb 2015