Next steps for import risk analysis on apples

​24 June 2004

The period for comments on the revised draft import risk analysis (IRA) report on apples has concluded. During the comment period, Biosecurity Australia held information sessions in every major apple-growing region in Australia and had useful technical discussions with growers and state officials.

The purpose of the draft report was to seek stakeholder comments on all aspects of the report and we have received a substantial number of submissions from both domestic and international stakeholders. 

The expert panel will now begin the next phase of the process by giving very careful consideration to all the submissions. 

The panel will take all comments into account before preparing a final IRA report, giving full consideration to all scientific and technical issues raised by stakeholders in their submissions.

The expert panel will review all aspects of the draft report in the light of stakeholder submissions, currently available scientific information and any new scientific information that comes to hand.

The draft quarantine measures proposed in the February report were considered by the panel to be tough enough to protect the favourable health status of Australia's agriculture. The panel’s final recommendations will also be based on a transparent review of all available science, including scientific information presented in stakeholder comments.

Biosecurity Australia wishes to reassure stakeholders that this IRA will continue to take the same conservative approach that has protected the favourable health of Australia’s agriculture for decades.

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Last reviewed:
25 Feb 2015