Revised draft import risk analysis report for apples from New Zealand

​19 February 2004

Biosecurity Australia has released a revised draft import risk analysis report relating to proposed imports of apples from New Zealand. 

The report proposes that New Zealand apples may enter Australia under strict quarantine conditions.

Biosecurity Australia has identified the main pests of quarantine concern as Fire blight, European canker, apple leaf-curling midge, four species of leaf rollers and wheat bug. In addition, apple scab and codling moth were identified as quarantine pests of concern for Western Australia. 

Risk management measures set out in the report address these quarantine pests so as to protect the health status of Australia’s plant industries. 

The proposed quarantine measures for Fire blight involve a combination of:

  • harvesting fruit from orchards free of Fire blight symptoms;
  • chlorine dipping to treat the fruit surface; and
  • cold storage for a minimum period of six weeks.

For insect pests the quarantine measures are:

  • monitoring in orchards and inspection pre-export or on arrival.

Stakeholders have until 23 April to provide comments to Biosecurity Australia on the revised draft report.

Any submissions received, and any new information that may come to hand, will be taken into account in the preparation of the final IRA report.

The draft IRA report is available on the Biosecurity Australia web site at

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Biosecurity Australia DAFF Media +61 2 6272 3232

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25 Feb 2015