Statement: Live animal export investigation report - Kuwait - transcript

​16 May 2013

Phillip Glyde commenting on the Kuwait sheep investigation

What is the outcome of the investigation?

Today, DAFF’s released its investigation report about the treatment of sheep last August.

We found that there were breaches of the export regulations and animal welfare standards because sheep were being sold outside of the approved supply chains.

At the time, there were three companies exporting sheep to Kuwait and it wasn’t possible for us to determine from which exporter the sheep had come.  So now, all have extra requirements on their export operations.

What action has been taken?

As I said we want to make sure that the exporters control the sheep in their supply chain. So now extra monitoring of those supply chains is required and monthly reporting is now required of those exporters.

We’ll continue to work with the industry, and the public, and the importing countries to ensure that high animal welfare standards are met.

Why should we trust the system?

Australia is the only country of a hundred countries around the world that export live animals that puts animal welfare standards at the heart of the trade.

We’re determined to make sure animal welfare standards are met and this sort of action—the capacity for us to be able to investigate complaints and then take regulatory action—demonstrates that we are putting animal welfare at the heart of the trade.

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