Department videos

The Department of Agriculture (the department) has developed a YouTube channel (AGDAFF) to make available any videos it produces. New videos will be added as they are developed and will be listed here for easy access. All videos have text transcripts and audio-only options available.

The Department of Agriculture social media policy

To support the use of social media within the department, this short animated video highlights key elements of the department’s social media policy. View the department’s social media policy video or read the transcript.

National Landcare Conference 2012

Videos of the conference plenary sessions, including a presentation by Canadian scientist Dr David Suzuki and a panel session with scientist Tim Flannery on the topic Landcare to Lunchbox – the balance of food production. View the National Landcare Conference 2012 videos and read the transcripts.

Australia’s Kangaroo Meat Export System

The department has produced a DVD to explain the kangaroo meat export system and processes. View a short preview version of the Kangaroo Meat Export DVD and read the transcript.

National Food Plan

The Australian Government is developing Australia's first ever national food plan to help ensure that the government's policy settings are right for Australia over the short, medium and long-term.  View the National Food Plan videos and read the transcripts.

Biosecurity legislation consultation

A video message from Dr Conall O’Connell, the department's former Secretary, announcing the biosecurity legislation consultation process. View the biosecurity video and read the transcript.

Australian Export Meat Inspection System

The department has released a short DVD to assist in explaining the Australian Export Meat Inspection System. View the Australian export meat inspection video and read the transcript.

Farming for our Future

Australia's farmers are among the most efficient in the world. This five-minute video was originally produced for the Shanghai World Expo in 2010 to showcase Australia's primary industries to our international trading partners. View the Farming for our future video and read the transcript video.

On-farm biosecurity videos

These six short videos focus on the practical steps that you can take to reduce the biosecurity risk to your property. These videos cover:

  • on-farm biosecurity
  • animal biosecurity
  • plant biosecurity
  • small farm biosecurity
  • equipment biosecurity and
  • biosecurity for travelling farm workers.

View the On-farm biosecurity videos and read the transcripts