Australian Export Meat Inspection System DVD

The Australian Export Meat Inspection System (AEMIS) is an integrated set of controls specified and verified by Government that ensures the safety, suitability and integrity of Australian meat and meat products destined for domestic and export markets. Underpinning AEMIS are performance standards which are continually monitored and verified. Information is captured in a national database that is then analysed and reported in as close to real time as practicable.


Australia’s export meat industry is highly regarded throughout the world.

We export more than 6 billion dollars of meat to more than 100 countries each year.

Renowned for our wholesome and safe meat products and our quality assurance processes, Australia has a whole of chain approach of food safety that ensures the integrity of export meat from pasture to shipment.

Australia also has one of the world's most favourable animal health statuses and often exceeds the international food safety standards set down in CODEX.

And our commitment to ensuring that we have continued world class export meat processes has seen the introduction of the Australian Export Meat Inspection System.

Under this system new government performance standards for officials undertaking meat inspection will provide even greater assurance that high standards of inspection are consistently achieved.

Adding to this is a new IT system for audit management designed to provide a better oversight of plant performance through-out Australia.

And in a world first a new product hygiene index has been introduced at every export meat plant to measure the safety and suitability of the meat produced.

Australia is also renowned for its innovative work practises and uses science, best practice and technology to make informed risk based assessments.

Because of this we are able to target our resources in the areas of most importance, or highest risk.

Only when a product passes the full range of rigorous inspections and processes are verified, checked and audited as meeting requirements, is certification given.

Throughout the world when our trading partners receive an AQIS export certificate they can be assured the product is certified by the Australian government as good to go.