Australian Agriculture and Food Sector - Stocktake

Australian Agriculture and Food Sector - Stocktake

This stocktake of food and agriculture in Australia examines the sector’s performance and identifies some of the emerging challenges. The sector’s future competitiveness, profitability and sustainability will be determined largely by the effectiveness with which it responds to these challenges. This document is intended to provide a starting point for a wide-ranging discussion among stakeholders about preparing for the future.

Download full stocktake report PDF Icon PDF [837kb]

Download stocktake report by individual chapter (refer to table of contents below)

Part I: The sector and issues PDF Icon PDF [351kb]

  1. Introduction
  2. The agriculture and food sector
  3. Drivers of change
  4. Portfolio policy framework
Part II: Industry profiles 
Industry Profile File PDF Icon
1. Beef PDF [103kb]
2. Broadacre crops PDF [84Kb]
3. Cotton PDF [71kb]
4. Dairy PDF [75kb]
5. Horticulture PDF [83kb]
6. Pig meat PDF [74kb]
7. Poultry PDF [78kb]
8. Rice PDF [72kb]
9. Sheep meat PDF [77kb]
10. Sugar PDF [70kb]
11. Wine grapes and wine PDF [83kb]
12. Wool PDF [75kb]
13. Food and beverage manufacturing PDF [78kb]
14. Other agricultural industries PDF [82kb]

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Last reviewed:
28 Sep 2011