Plant Pests and Diseases

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Report unusual pests and diseases

Familiarise yourself with exotic pest threats

By familiarising yourself with some of the exotic pest threats to your industry, you may be better able to recognise particular pest species should these enter the country.

Diagnostic protocols for plant pests

Protect your plants from pests and diseases

  • Plant biosecurity adopt simple, inexpensive biosecurity measures to help prevent plant pest and disease outbreaks on your property.

Advice on managing plant pests in your crop or garden

Advice on the control and management of pests and diseases on crops can be obtained from your local state or territory department of primary industries or agriculture. For pests found in backyard gardens, seek advice from your local nursery.

  • Fruit fly and the home garden a website to help gardeners in Australia make informed decisions about the control and prevention of fruit flies in the home garden.