Quarantine and Exports Advisory Council (QEAC)

On the 31 December 2009, the Quarantine and Exports Advisory Council (QEAC) was replaced by the Biosecurity Advisory Council. The establishment of the Biosecurity Advisory Council addressed a key recommendation of the 2008 independent review of Australia’s quarantine and biosecurity arrangements—One biosecurity: a working partnership (the Beale review).

Since its establishment, as part of the then government’s 1997 response to the Nairn Report of Australian quarantine, QEAC has contributed significantly to Australia’s quarantine and export policy issues and provided a successful link between the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, industry and other stakeholders.

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For more information on QEAC or the Biosecurity Advisory Council please phone 02 6272 4898 or email the Biosecurity Advisory Council Secretariat.