Offshore installations

Offshore Installations are considered an international vessel until released from quarantine and will not be released until they are stripped to coastal status. Once released from quarantine an installation that attaches to the Australian seabed is considered to be an Australian ‘place’ and will be treated as a non-proclaimed port.

Any vessel that comes into contact with an installation must submit an application to enter an Australian Non-Proclaimed First Port of Entry and/or Subsequent Port of Call (20AA) and a Quarantine Pre-Arrival Report (QPAR).

International vessels, aircraft, persons, goods and cargo arriving at installations including those working within Australian waters present possible pathways for exotic pests and diseases to enter Australia. All vessels, persons and goods arriving at an Australian place from overseas are subject to quarantine requirements to ensure they comply with international health regulations and any biosecurity risks are adequately managed.

  • An international vessel or aircraft is to enter Australia only at a declared first port of entry unless permission is given. The master of an international vessel is guilty of an offence if he/she permits the vessel to moor, anchor or otherwise be secured in waters on the landward side of the baseline of the territorial sea of Australia, other than at a declared first port.
  • Any goods that arrive at an Australian installation from a place outside of Australia are deemed to be ‘imported’ and are subject to quarantine.

If an installation that has been released from quarantine comes into contact with a vessel that is subject to quarantine it will revert to being subject to quarantine and will be treated as an international vessel until DAFF is confident that they pose an acceptable level of biosecurity risk.

Certain types of interaction between domestic and international vessels are not considered by DAFF to be high quarantine risk and therefore will not make an installation subject to quarantine.

Vessel Clearance Fees and Charges may be applicable to a number of actions that are undertaken by quarantine officers.