Exporting eggs and egg products

The export of eggs and egg products for human consumption is regulated by Australian government legislation.

This legislation sets out the requirements which must be met in order to export eggs and egg products from Australia, for the purpose of human consumption. A brief overview of these requirements is set out below.

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  • Establishments which prepare eggs and egg products for the purpose of export must be registered with the Department of Agriculture. "Preparation" is defined in the Export Control Act 1982 and includes processing, storage, handling and loading activities.
  • An establishment does not need to be registered to undertake activities which fall outside the definition of "preparation".
  • For egg and egg products to be export eligible they must remain within the 'export chain' i.e. if transported from one establishment to another each establishment must be export registered to prepare eggs and egg products with the department.

Approved Arrangement

  • For an egg processing establishment to gain export registration with the department, there must be an Approved Arrangement (AA) in place which details how the establishment will meet Australian export legislation.
  • An AA is a fully documented system which has been approved by the department, and includes controls for food safety, traceability and verification.

Department Audit

  • As a condition of registration, an egg export establishment will be audited by the department or an external department approved auditor at a set frequency.
  • These audits verify that the establishment is meeting all requirements set out in food export legislation and the establishment's approved arrangement.

Export Permit

  • Eggs and egg products require a Department of Agriculture export permit in order to be exported.
  • A Department of Agriculture export permit includes information such as a description of the fish product, the registered establishment(s) where it was processed, the destination country, etc.
  • An export permit must be raised electronically, using the department's EXDOC system.

Export Health Certificate

  • When an overseas country has a requirement in place for eggs and egg products to be accompanied by an export health certificate, the department can issue this document via EXDOC at the time an export permit is issued.

Importing Country Requirements

  • In addition to the Australian requirements set out in food export legislation, importing countries may have additional requirements which must be met in order for eggs and egg products to obtain entry.
  • These importing country requirements must be met in order for the department to issue export certification.
  • To look up the requirements of importing countries, please see the Manual for Importing Country Requirements (MICOR)

Fees and Charges

  • There are fees and charges associated with department Registration, Certification and Audit functions.

If you would like to become a registered egg export establishment or exporter, please see the Guidelines to Compliance for detailed information on how to best meet the requirements of food export legislation. These guidelines should be read in conjunction with Australian food export legislation.