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Easter Imports

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Don’t import a quarantine risk this Easter

There is a wide range of Easter products and materials that can carry exotic pests and diseases (such as bird flu) into Australia. These high–risk items may threaten our unique environment and have serious consequences for import and export industries.

When importing Easter products and materials into Australia you need to be aware of the quarantine import requirements. If your products do not meet quarantine requirements they will be stopped at the border and could be exported, destroyed or require treatment. Retailers can also risk the expense of having their Easter products delayed or recalled from sale.

Ensure you are familiar with the quarantine requirements by checking the ICON database. ICON contains all the quarantine information you need to make informed decisions when purchasing your Easter products. Alternatively, you can contact AQIS for further advice and assistance on 1800 020 504.

Materials of particular concern in Easter products include:

  • Feathers — must be clean and free of contamination — see ICON for restrictions from some countries
  • Straw — often used to make up nests or used as stuffing
  • Eggshell
  • Seeds/flowers — usually used as decorations
  • Food — items containing high–risk products like cheese, dairy, meat and egg products.

The protection of Australia’s biosecurity status is a shared responsibility. You can help by:

  • making your suppliers aware of Australia’s import requirements that are listed on ICON
  • performing regular inspections of stored imported goods, checking for signs of pest infestations and insect activity
  • reporting anything unusual to AQIS on 1800 020 504.

If you require further information on Easter imports contact AQIS Cargo.

Remember: Awareness and prevention are more efficient and less costly to your business.

Importers and retailers should also consider food safety requirements when importing Easter stock. See the Commercial Imports webpage for more information.