Future Post Entry Quarantine Arrangements

Government operated post entry quarantine (PEQ) facilities manage high risk imported animal and plant commodities and are a key component of Australia’s biosecurity system. Secure and efficient post entry quarantine discourages smuggling and reduces biosecurity risk associated with the importation of new genetic material which is necessary for Australian agriculture to maintain competiveness and productivity.

The four existing department operated PEQ facilities are leased from private property owners or from other levels of government, and all the leases will all expire between the end of 2015 and the end of 2018, with no opportunity for extension. This presented the department with an opportunity to comprehensively plan for Australia’s long-term future PEQ needs.

As a result, the department is currently undertaking a project to build a single new PEQ facility on a Commonwealth owned site in Mickleham, Victoria. The future PEQ facility will consolidate all post entry quarantine operations currently spread across Australia into one site.

Latest news

Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd was engaged as the managing contactor on 1 October 2013. They will provide oversight during the finalisation of the facility’s design and manage the construction and commissioning of the new PEQ facility. It is anticipated that staged operations will commence at the facility from late 2015. The facility will be fully operational by the end of 2018.

Work on the project is progressing with the design phase coming to a close and construction expected to commence early in 2014. The overall project design (50% stage) was released in August 2013, along with the detailed early works design (90% stage) for the site preparation and initial services development.

Budget 2013–14

The 2013-14 Budget includes continuing investment in the design and construction of the new post entry quarantine facility for high risk plant and animal imports.

In 2013–14, the Australian Government will invest $60.6 million in this initiative.

In the 2012–13 Budget, the Government made a commitment of $379.9 million over seven years to fund construction of a new Government–owned and operated PEQ facility in Victoria.

This builds on the government’s announcement made in the 2011–12 Budget when a commitment to fund further development of future post entry arrangements was made, along with funds for the maintenance and refurbishment of existing departmental PEQ facilities.

Last reviewed:
10 Jan 2014