Climate Change Adjustment

The Climate Change Adjustment Program, which closed on 30 June 2012, was part of Australia’s Farming Future. It assisted primary producers to manage the impacts of climate change by helping them to access farm business and management advice, as well as assistance while they considered their future in farming. 

Adjustment advice and training was available to eligible primary producers who were adversely impacted, or were likely to be impacted, by climate change, including those experiencing hardship caused by drought. Professional advice and training delivered under this program was individually tailored to help farm businesses adjust to climate change and to set goals and develop action plans to improve their financial circumstances.

Adjustment advice and training grants

Under the Climate Change Adjustment Program, recipients were provided with an advice and training grant of up to $5500 to receive advice and training from recognised professional advisers and registered training organisations, TAFE and universities.

The grant could be used for activities such as financial assessment and planning, and advice and training directly or indirectly related to climate change impacts; in addition, the grant could be used to obtain legal and personal advice, or succession planning advice.

Recipients also developed a climate change action plan, outlining the aims and steps required to manage the impacts of climate change and improve the farm’s long–term prospects.

Rural financial counsellors

While the Climate Change Adjustment Program has closed, free rural financial counselling is still available through the Rural Financial Counselling Service Program to primary producers, fishers and eligible small rural businesses who are suffering financial hardship and who have no alternative sources of impartial support.

Short term household income support assistance

Transitional Income Support, which closed on 30 June 2012, provided assistance to farm families in financial difficulty to manage the impacts of climate change. Transitional Income Support provided household income support, at the same rate as the Newstart Allowance, to primary producers who were participating in the Climate Change Adjustment Program.

The Transitional Farm Family Payment, which commenced on 11 May 2012, succeeds the Transitional Income Support program, and is available to eligible farmers for up to 12 months, until 30 June 2014.

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