Recognising Women Farmers

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Recognising Women Farmers grants ceased 30 June 2012 and supported activities that built the leadership and representative capacity of women in primary industries — to strengthen primary industry productivity and build rural, regional and remote community resilience to a changing climate.

Recognising Women Farmers Media Releases

4th Announcement — Successful Recognising Women Farmers Grants announced by the Parliamentary Secretary 25 May 2011

Up to $48,650 — ‘Change Management for Climate Change Champions’, Burnett Inland Economic Development Organisation
This project offers an innovative mechanism for rural women a practical Toolkit to help facilitate uptake of climate change management in farming enterprises and communities - covering how change works, how to make it work for you and how to move people from knowing to doing.

Up to $44,584 — ‘Rural Women Leading Diverse and Resilient Communities’, City of Greater Bendigo
This project will build the knowledge base and leadership capacity of rural women in the Loddon Shire of Greater Bendigo through a Farm Diversification Expo and three skills workshops aimed at enhancing the strength and viability of their farm business and communities in the face of a changing climate.

Up to $39,000 — ‘Strengthening Broad Capacity to Improve Service Delivery to Seafood Women’, Women’s Industry Network Seafood Community
An integrated learning program delivered through facilitated face to face, online and teleconference meetings (individual and group) for the WINSC Board to enhance administrative, technical and leadership skills. Succession planning and increasing membership base will be treated as a priority.

Up to $37,100 — ‘Building Networks and Capacity of Women Strawberry Farmers’, Queensland Strawberry Growers Association Inc
This project will establish a network of women strawberry growers to enable consultation and information sharing on issues of concern to the industry and to women specifically. It will build the capacity of women strawberry growers in areas of social media for business, risk management, people management, recycling and packing shed efficiencies.

Up to $31,220 — ‘Forming Networks and Gaining Management Skills for Australia’s Women Ginger Farmers’, Australian Ginger Growers Association Inc
This project will assist women ginger farmers to learn strategies for managing risk, workers and electronic financial programs. It will also establish a network and assist women ginger farmers in gaining skills to equip them to plan for future climate and other events that could cripple the industry as disease has, which destroyed 40% of ginger crops.

Up to $48,550 — ‘Building Capacity in Leadership Decision Making by Women in the Australian Melon Industry’, Australian Melon Association
Deliver a leadership development program with online and face-to-face components that aims to strengthen and increase the productivity and sustainability of melon businesses through building capacity in leadership and decision making by women farmers.

Up to $50,000 — ‘Inspire Leading Women in Dairy’, Murray Dairy Inc
This national leadership program is tailored for the unique situation of the Dairy industry. Up to 25 women representing each dairying state will participate in a 3-day residential learning event, with a follow-up day 2 months later. It will build their networks, leadership, business management and resilience in managing climate change. The program also includes an action learning, leadership project designed by participants to be completed during a 2 month period. The program also features a mentoring component to support them in their learning, networking, farm business & industry development.

Up to $50,000 — ‘Developing Farming Women’s Networks and Leadership Capacity in the NE Agricultural Region of WA’, North East Farming Futures Group Inc
This project will further develop network groups previously established to become more independent and to continue to build the level of knowledge, skills and leadership capacity of women farmers in the region. This will be achieved via a range of activities including: an information sharing forum, maturation of the self-directed network and development of new ideas for leveraging funding into the region; skilling workshops; a carbon farming business plan model; a leadership scholarship for two women leaders to attend the Australian Institute of Company Directors course and sponsored participation on a number of agriculture related boards as observers over a 6 month period.

Up to $50,000 — ‘Networking for Rural Women in Business’, Regional Development Australia AH, FL and KI Pty Ltd
This project has three parts: Formal Leadership Development, Informal Network Facilitation and Mentoring and Coaching. A conference will be staged as part of the project, with a focus on identifying opportunities and case studies of success. Participants will be encouraged to maintain the networks and mentoring processes post the program completion.

Up to $49,000 — ‘Resilient Women Leading Change’, Community Leadership Loddon Murray Inc
Resilient Women Leading Change aims to build the skills, knowledge, confidence and networks of women in the Loddon Murray region to take on leadership roles within their local communities, regional bodies and industry Boards and Committees (particularly within the agriculture, water and land management sectors) through a series of targeted workshops, forums and a study tour across the region over an eight month period.

Up to $29,740 — ‘Mentoring Wimmera Women’, Wimmera Development Association
Mentoring Wimmera Women will provide twenty regional women with targeted training in mentoring, building leadership capacity in the region and strengthening the network of women in agriculture. Training will take the form of a two day retreat and four full day workshops. Participants will be selected to provide a range of young women as well as more experienced women.

Up to $49,796 — ‘DOCADA – Ladies of the Land Lead the Way’, Miridella Pty Ltd
This project will provide participants with a Certificate III in Business. A training program customised to the needs of the region, the participants cultural diversity and the requirements and standards of the Australian Quality Training Framework. Delivered through workshops, guest speakers, specialist trainers, the project’s ultimate aim, over and above the qualification, is to complete some community development projects that will have long lasting regional benefits.

Up to $12,010 — ‘Women Joining Forces to Weather Climate Change’, Katanning Landcare Centre
This project brings Upper Blackwood farming women together to learn about aspects of climate change.  The 2 day tour will focus on how climate change forecasts will affect farming enterprises, financial issues and mental health challenges resulting from climate change and increasing their capacity to support their families and communities to adapt.

Up to $47,755 — ‘Establishing a Women in Forests and Timber Network’, Victorian Association of Forest Industries
The project will establish an Australian network of women in the forest and timber industries and deliver a series of workshops to support leadership, networking and skills development.

Up to $49,802 — ‘Women in Horticulture Leadership Journey’, Queensland Fruit and Vegetable Growers Ltd
The Women in Horticulture Leadership journey program will deliver formal structured Leadership training to 20 women from horticulture industries around Queensland. Following on from the formal training, participants will return to their regions to develop and deliver six half-day activities focusing on building strong and resilient agricultural communities and networks.

Up to $50,000 — ‘Developing Future Rural Women’s Leadership Networks using New Technologies and Social Media’, National Rural Women’s Coalition
This project will strengthen rural women farmer and related business networks by capacity building among targeted young women in current Women’s Alliances. These women will improve knowledge, skills, networks, support systems and rural business leadership capabilities through online learning programs via the National Rural Women’s Network and NBN creating a greater diversity of future rural women leaders from a range of backgrounds and interests.

Up to $37,500 — ‘Productive Farming Systems Study Tour and Expo’, The Trustee for Agfarm Unit Trust
This project will provide a study tour and workshop for six Australian women grain growers to visit Canadian operations to discover ‘what does a farming business look like in 2020 and beyond in light of the pressures of climate change and increasing commodity price volatility? Participants will then report findings to women grain growers back home.

Up to $48,200 — ‘Developing Leadership Potential of Rural Women on Kangaroo Island’, Agriculture Kangaroo Island Inc
This project will develop and conduct a leadership course for rural women on Kangaroo Island. Participants will be coached in leadership, interpersonal skills, personal growth and development. Participants will be linked with a mentor to support their development and they will also undertake a small project to further enhance their learning’s.

Up to $45,450 — ‘Women Instigating Change: Investigating Ecologically Sound Cooperative Marketing Strategies’, Condobolin and Districts Landcare
This project has two components. The first is a tour visiting existing cooperative marketing entities and exploring potential opportunities for ecologically-sound local produce. The second is a series of marketing workshops enabling participants to apply their learning’s and fully explore the potential of their farming business in cooperative marketing.

Up to $40,800 — ‘Women in Horticulture: Developing Skills and Leadership’, Arris Pty Ltd
This project will deliver an online training series that aims to strengthen and increase the productivity and sustainability of horticultural businesses, while developing the leadership capacity of women in the horticulture industry.

Up to $25,568 — ‘Dairy Women – Insight for Improving performance’, Subtropical Dairy Programme Ltd
This project will enable participants to develop a better understanding of themselves, how they focus their attention, acquire information and make decisions in their dairy businesses to create a more positive work environment, function more productively and enhance their leadership potential.

Up to $49,500 — ‘2B heard! Learn, Link and Lead’, Dairy South Australia Regional Development Program Inc
This project will arm participants with the confidence and capability to enter dairy industry leadership roles. It will utilise recognised female industry leaders to demonstrate the pathway from paddock to board room. Participants will develop an achievable action plans facilitating them into leadership positions. It will recognise their current achievements and their aspirations for the future.

Up to $46,809 — ‘Tides of Change: Promoting Women’s Leadership and Experience in Marine Resource Management’, The Western Australian Fishing Industry Council
This project will allow for five women from the WA commercial fishing industry to undertake a ‘fact finding’ mission to New Zealand, a world leader in fisheries management, to better equip them (and others) to meaningfully engage with, and manage, the significant reforms unfolding in Western Australian fisheries.

Up to $35,900 — ‘Southern New England Women Adapting to Changing Landscapes’, Southern New England Landcare
This project will provide women currently working in grazing enterprises with training and tools to assist with climate change challenges. It will identify the threat of climate change on biodiversity and our natural icons as well as the importance of sustainable agricultural practices and community networks to landscape resilience.

Up to $50,000 — ‘Women’s Business’, Southern New England Landcare
Women’s Business is a two day initiative where women on the land come together to network, develop skills, build resilience and plan for the future. Working directly with Banbai women on tribal land, women of all ages will revisit their role as caretakers of the land and the skills required to live sustainably.

3rd announcement — successful applicants announced by the Minister, 22 March 2010:

Up to $38 373 — ‘Wheatbelt Women Visit to Victorian farms managing during drought’, Wheatbelt NRM
Study tour of the Birchip area to share climate change adaption strategies. This tour will be a vehicle to highlight women’s role in on–farm decision making. On returning, workshops will assist women to integrate the learnings.

Up to $50 000 — ‘Rural Women’s Governance and Leadership Workshop series’, Australian Alpine Valleys Agribusiness Forum Inc
Rural women in North East Victoria involved in regional agribusiness industry and agritourism groups, and community organisations will be provided with a series of workshops on governance, leadership and finance.

Up to $46 000 — ‘Capable and confident queensland women in beef and sheep production enterprises working together to tackle climate change’, Queensland Government Department of Employment Economic Development and Innovation (Primary Industries & Fisheries)
Queensland women involved in beef and sheep industries will participate in a learning and skills development process. A highlight of this process will be the use of e–technologies (eg web meetings) to assist in delivering outcomes for remote and rural women.

Up to $49 881 — ‘Sister, Earth, Mother, Sky’, Burnett Inland Economic Development Organisation
Eleven young and mature indigenous women from the Cherbourg Indigenous community will work in agri–forestry and sustainable resource management, initiate their enterprises in sustainability management, eco–tourism, native timber management and value adding and related art/culture through a into a native timber forestry program.

Up to $50 000 — ‘Inspiring Farming Women’, Riverine Plains Inc
‘Inspiring Farming Women’ provides an innovative program of leadership & community capacity building workshops aimed at farming women. Each workshop provides a collaborative and supportive environment where participants build self awareness, networks, confidence, planning & networking skills and leadership capacity.

Up to $33 200 — ‘Connecting South Australia’s Rural Women and Communities’, Partners in Grain Inc
The project will train 12 participants in leadership, resilience and group processes who would commit to being group leaders in their local region. The participants will then form the basis of a farming women’s network across South Australia that supports women in professional development and achieving leadership positions within industry.

Up to $45 000 — ‘Building capacity and increasing women’s participation in leadership roles within the Australian Vegetable Industry’, Arris Pty Ltd
Deliver an online training series that aims to strengthen and increase the productivity and sustainability of vegetable businesses.

Up to $50 000 — ‘A Women’s Capacity — Building Strength’, Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association
The project will aim to build the confidence and capability of the Northern Territory’s cattle women so they can lead their families, communities and industry into the future. The project will build on a previous women’s capacity project.

Up to $47 000 — ‘A VOICe for Organic Women’, Victorian Organic Industry Committee — Committee of the Board of Organic Federation of Australia
This project will deliver an innovative workshop for organic women to build their leadership, networks, business management and marketing skills and increase awareness of industry organizational systems.

Up to $44 000 — ‘Nurturing the land nourishing the people: Gippsland women finding their voice’, Agribusiness Gippsland
A group of 24 Gippsland women from various sectors, trained to explain sustainable farming motives and methodologies to audiences within and beyond the agricultural sector.

Up to $28 300 — ‘Women in Agriculture ’Mentoring the future’, Central West Farming Systems
A series of workshops and practical sessions which will inform and provide a mentoring type networking experience for like minded women in grazing management and livestock production, grain marketing, business decision tools, and professional development.

Up to $41 760 — ‘Women of Moreton Bay Seafood Industry:  Small business series’, Women of Moreton Bay Seafood Industry
This project will provide a series of free professional development seminars and online education options, focusing on building the skills and confidence of women to better manage and plan their small business operations, and participate in the decision making processes of the Moreton Bay wild catch commercial fishing industry.

Up to $50 000 — ‘Farm Women, Networks and Technology’, Australian Women in Agriculture Ltd
The development and delivery of a program which engages women within rural regions of Australia in the "best use" of contemporary telecommunications to enable them to communicate in a cost–effective manner and value add to their business, on–line family interactions and social connections.

Up to $49 425 — ‘Strengthening EP: Building Leadership Qualities’, Department of Primary Industries & Resources SA (t/a Rural Solutions SA)
Strengthening EP is a residential workshop–based leadership program for Eyre Peninsula communities. Sessions build participant’s knowledge, skills and confidence through regionally relevant presentation, interaction and community engagement.

Up to $49 180 — ‘The Right Bunch — Women in Wine Growing’, Winemakers Federation of Australia
A twelve month project to consult, develop and deliver a single 4 day gathering of a maximum of 20 women from winemaking and grape–growing sectors of the wine industry to enhance their industry network, industry knowledge and leadership capacity.

Up to $50 000 — ‘Women farmers managing risk and diversification in the NE agricultural region of WA’, North East Farming Futures Group Inc
The project will recognise and increase the skills of women farmers, share knowledge and experiences, build networks, and develop leadership and management expertise. Activities include skilling workshops and a celebratory seminar including launching a focus for future contributions.

Up to $50 000 — ‘Uniting and Raising the Profile of NSW Farming Women’, NSW Women in Agriculture Incorporated
Five workshops of 20—30 women in agriculture, one of which targets culturally and linguistically diverse farmers in the outer Sydney Basin

2nd announcement — successful applicants announced by the Minister, 2 July 2009:

Up to $45,455  — ‘Grain marketing workshops for women in QLD, NSW and WA’, MarketAg Pty Ltd
This project will increase women’s knowledge of grain marketing and enable them to take greater control of this aspect of the farming enterprise by developing their networks to share ideas and further develop strategies and management skills.

Up to $43,818  — ‘Inaugural ‘Women in the Veterinary Profession’ conference’, Australian Veterinary Association Ltd
This project will deliver a three–day national conference showcasing female veterinarians who are in leadership roles in private, government, industry and university sectors and provide networking opportunities.

Up to $36,364  — ‘FAAW Tele–Learning seminar series’, Foundation for Australian Agricultural Women Inc
This project will build on the successful first seminar series, ‘Six Snapshots of Successful Communication’, delivering personal and professional development training to rural women without leaving the home. This series will build the managerial and decision–making capacity of women in rural, regional and remote Australia.

Up to $30,805  — ‘Fitzroy Basin Association Leadership Program’, Fitzroy Basin Association Inc
This project will deliver up to five intensive workshops designed to enhance the leadership skills of women in Fitzroy Basin communities.

Up to $12,485 — ‘Resilient Women Workshop’, Sustainable Solutions Consulting Pty Ltd
This project will deliver a two–day workshop focusing on the challenges facing rural communities due to climate change, knowledge of traditional indigenous land management and community engagement.

Up to $49,910 — ‘Rural Women Champions of Change Leadership Course’ Queensland Murray—Darling Committee Inc
This project will deliver a six–day leadership course, targeting rural women who are passionate about influencing and leading change, representing rural industries and driving sustainability within rural communities, within the context of climate change.

Up to $49,700 — ‘Capacity Building of Women in Queensland Central Highlands’, CH Cotton Growers and Irrigators Association Inc
This project is for a two–day cross–industry leadership and management forum, with follow–up networking sessions, aimed at building the capacity of women in the Central Highlands of Queensland so they can lead and manage projects and enhance their contributions to their industry and communities.

Up to $37,400 — ‘Women In Sugar Australia Conference 2010 and Training Program’, Herbert River District Cane Growers Organisation Ltd
This project will deliver a workshop, field trip and a training program that will create and set up an industry computer training facility in the Herbert district. This will enable WISA to run a series of training sessions for women living and working in small rural communities to build their confidence in decision making.

Up to $44,900 — ‘Women Leading Change Case Studies’, Queensland Rural Industry Training Council Inc
This project will identify six women leaders as case studies from a business perspective and will be presented at a Women Leaders Climate Change Roundtable in Mitchell. The project aims to develop participants’ leadership and management skills and benefit local attendees.

Up to $45,455 — ‘A Real and Valid Capacity Building Function For Farming Females’, Desert Uplands Build–Up and Development Strategy Committee Inc
This project will deliver four half–day forums, two two–day workshops and the development of an online network to empower women to contribute to rural businesses and communities.

Up to $41,576 — ‘Grazing for Profit Workshop’, South West NRM Ltd
This project will provide training and tools to deal with climate change challenges to women currently operating grazing enterprises in south–west Queensland. It will include training in balancing the needs of people, production and the landscape in achieving successful outcomes.

Up to $44,991 — ‘Women in Dairy Project’, Subtropical Dairy Programme Ltd
The project involves three core activities: a training program delivered to 20 women in the dairy industry from Queensland and Northern New South Wales, selected for their current involvement and leadership potential; two evening industry networking functions; and circulation of three e–newsletters with information on risk management, business planning, leadership, climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Up to $40,227 — ‘Naturally Resourceful Workshop’, Gulf Savannah Development Inc
This project is targeted at women involved in primary industries and living and working in rural, regional and remote Australia. It will provide participants with access to tools, knowledge, skills and resources on climate change, farm business planning, communication techniques, e–learning tools, natural resource management, project design, succession planning and integrated weed management.

Up to $43,866 — ‘Women Farmers Toolbox project’, Queensland Rural Women’s Network Inc
This project will deliver a forum, a series of teleconferences and leadership coaching sessions for 10 female participants and aims to build on their existing leadership and management skills. It will also enhance their capacity for participation in agriculture, government and industry groups.

Up to $50,000 — ‘Engaging Women Farmers Project’, Energy Shifting Solutions Pty Ltd
The project will establish and launch a leadership and skills development program for rural, regional and remote women involved in primary industries. The program will involve 18 one–day workshops in regional Queensland and New South Wales towns, with future programs planned to run across Australia.

Up to $50,000 — ‘Workshop Series’, NSW Farmers Association Inc
This project will deliver six two–day workshops addressing leadership development and representation and decision making skills.

Up to $19,382 — ‘Moving Forward in Agriculture Conference’, Central West Farming Systems Inc
This project is for a one–day conference for rural women with the theme ‘Women Making an Impact’, focusing on leadership, representative roles, agriculture and natural resource management.

Up to $36,364 — ‘Women Leading Change Project’, Gilgunnia Landcare Inc
This project will deliver workshops focusing on managing climate risk, training in AgriGater software, how to estimate emissions on farms, and website and newsletter development.

Up to $33,725 — ‘Certificate IV in Rural Business course’, Wakool Landholders Association Inc
The project comprises a series of workshops on business skills and tours outside the region. Participants successfully completing the workshop series will be awarded a Certificate IV in Rural Business, allowing their knowledge to be recognised in the commercial sector and enhancing their opportunities to participate in policy–making processes.

Up to $38,636 — ‘Issues in irrigated farming forum’, NSW Irrigators’ Council Inc
This project is for a two–day forum focusing on how irrigated agriculture must adapt to meet the challenges of climate change, the role played by women as a critical part of family farm operations, and addressing business–related issues, including managing the farm business for a future in an uncertain climate.

Up to $40,000 — ‘Women4Dairy project’, Dairy NSW Ltd
This project is for a NSW–wide industry conference event for 800 women dairy farmers, industry employees and service providers. The conference will cover corporate governance, professional development training, natural resource management, climate change, farm planning, human resource management and professional mentoring.

Up to $45,236 — ‘Rural Community Workshops for Women’, Liverpool Plains Land Management Inc
This project is for a series of four workshops to be held in smaller farming communities to promote: an awareness of education, community and business opportunities for rural women; an understanding of the issues facing their industry; and an understanding of skills needed to take on representative and leadership positions in community and industry organisations.

Up to $50,000 — ‘Women in the Landscape Forum Series’, Little River Landcare Group Inc
This project will deliver a capacity–building program specifically tailored to rural women across the Central West Catchment area of NSW, comprising of three forums on the role of women in strengthening primary industry productivity and supporting community resilience in a changing climate.

Up to $23,636 — ‘Enhancing Opportunities for Women to Become Members on Boards’, Institute of Technology Foundation Limited
The project offers an accredited training program, providing women in primary industries with the necessary skills to become a member of a board or committee and assist in their promotion to leadership positions.

Up to $45,364 — ‘Women Taking the Lead workshop’, Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE Inc
This project will deliver three two–day workshops over three months leading to a statement of attainment for a unit of competency from an agriculture training package — ‘Lead and Manage Community or Industry Organisations’ — and credits towards an Advanced Diploma of Agriculture.

Up to $19,880 — ‘FarmLink Girls Day Out program’, FarmLink Research Ltd
This project is a two–day tour program which will take rural women involved with FarmLink to various industry bodies to learn about the logistics of grain production, marketing and staff management, food evaluation and the impact of the Australian drought on industry and business.

Up to $18,182 — ‘Coming together networking seminar’, Country Women’s Association of NSW
This project is a one day networking and speakers conference targeted at women living and working in rural and remote Australia, presenting models of women in leadership roles to inspire participants to increase their confidence in taking on these roles.

Up to $45,100 — ‘Recognising Women Farmers focus groups’, Mallee Sustainable Farming Inc
This project is for six one–day workshops training women on leadership and management skills and aspects of Certificate IV in Corporate Governance to enable women to contribute to government and industry decision–making and placement on relevant industry boards and includes inputs from industry experts.

Up to $44,091 — ‘LBWN project series workshops, networking events and expo’, Greater Bendigo City Council
The project comprises a series of eight skills development workshops, a celebration breakfast/morning tea event to be held in 10 small communities across the Loddon and Bendigo local government areas, and two community women’s expos — ‘Women Spring to Action’ and ‘Paddock to Plate’.

Up to $10,545 — ‘Sustainably produced, locally grown, seasonal food forum and workshops’, VFF Farm Tree and Landcare Association Incorporated
This project involves a forum and a series of practical workshops for women in the Strathbogie Ranges to enable women to lead the formation of a food production cooperative and the establishment of a monthly farmers market showcasing the Strathbogie Ranges area.

Up to $45,455 — ‘Farming Women Creating Sustainable Family Businesses program’, Australian Federation of Business & Professional Women Incorporated
This project will target women running small–scale niche farming businesses and aims to create resilient communities by enabling farming women to be catalysts for change.

Up to $45,455 — ‘Leadership Program’, MADEC Australia Inc
This project will fund four women to complete a nine–month leadership course, to enable them to take up the challenge of replacing retiring community leaders in Victoria.

Up to $48,400 — ‘Improving Networks’, Central Highlands Agribusiness Forum Inc
This project is for two seminars and four short–day farm/rural business visits to facilitate a local exchange of ideas and regional networking among women, as well as developing leadership skills.

Up to $29,640 — ‘Rainbow Women’s Forum’, Rainbow and District Landcare Group Inc
This project is for a one–day forum for women from farming families covering topics such as leadership, management skills and effective skills for agriculture and industry decision making, as well as building networks in rural Australia.

Up to $45,455 — ‘Leadership and Business Planning for Women in Orchards workshops’ Australian Fresh Fruit Company Pty Ltd
This project is for three workshops on leadership, business planning, and networking targeting women working in orchards in any capacity from the fruit growing areas of Australia.

Up to $42,227 — ‘Understanding Biotechnology for Women Farmers workshops’, Molecular Plant Breeding CRC Inc
This project will deliver a series of seven workshops to farming women across regional Victoria and South Australia to improve their understanding of biotechnology and its use in agriculture in the face of climate change.

Up to $43,955 — ‘Women leading change — Accounting for Carbon & Climate Change’, Sunraysia Institute of TAFE
This project will deliver a series of workshops, training and activities to build the capacity of women in central and regional Victoria and southern New South Wales to more effectively manage and develop leadership opportunities.

Up to $22,091 — ‘Women Leading Change 2009 — a focus on local solutions to global issues field days’, Blackwood Basin Group Inc
This project will deliver two women’s field days in the Blackwood Basin that will recognise, support and celebrate women farmers’ contributions to their communities, including empowering women with skills to address global issues at a local level.

Up to $28,205 — ‘Fifth Annual SEPWA Ladies’ Conference’, South East Premium Wheatgrowers Association Inc
This project will provide a ‘tasting plate’ of inspiring business ideas and explore how to turn a passion into a realistic business venture, through the Fifth Annual SEPWA Ladies’ Conference.

Up to $16,925 — ‘Women in sustainable environments network seminars’, North–West Environment Centre Inc
This project will fund five seminars and an associated conference, aimed at increasing the number of women participating in community supported agriculture in North West Tasmania.

Up to $49,135 — ‘Becoming a competent coach workshop program’, RDS Partners Pty Ltd
This project will deliver a two day coaching and training workshop for women already engaged in primary industries. Participants will receive training on communication skills, coaching, mentoring, leadership skills and decision making processes which they can then utilise as mentors for other women in primary industry.

Up to $50,000 — ‘Workshop series’, Women in Agriculture & Business of South Australia Inc
This project will deliver six workshops on a range of leadership and business topics, including farm planning and risk management, enabling participants to lead their family businesses towards more sustainable farm management.

Up to $49,745 — ‘Dare to be Different’, Limestone Coast Food Group Inc
This project will deliver a six–month program, including workshops, to build community resilience by encouraging the development of broad networks to foster strategic alliances between women. It will also include education on change management, corporate governance, leadership and business skills.

Up to $50,000 — ‘Adelaide Hills women’s leadership program’, Adelaide Hills Regional Development Board
This project will focus on identifying and delivering opportunities for women to demonstrate leadership in primary industries and natural resource management. It will establish professional rural women’s networks and include an inaugural Adelaide Hills Women’s Leadership Conference.

Up to $50,000 — ‘Certificate III in Front Line Management Leadership course’, Miridella Pty Ltd
The project comprises a one–year course leading to a Certificate III in front line management. The course is targeted to women in agriculture from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds wanting to become community leaders and gain new skills and knowledge.

Up to $20,436 — ‘Leadership workshop for farming women on Kangaroo Island’, Agriculture Kangaroo Island Inc
This project comprises a two–day workshop for farming women on Kangaroo Island to improve their skills in three core areas of leadership, decision making and representative capacity. The workshop will provide insights into the role of women on boards for the women of Kangaroo Island.

Up to $44,500 — ‘Leading women and increasing their representation in primary industries’, Productive Nutrition Pty Ltd
This project will fund a one–day workshop for South Australian rural women to discuss the transition from study to farm management or consulting and to share the perspective of women involved in rural management on farms.

1st announcement — successful applicants announced by the Minister,25 May 2009:

Up to $45,500 — Developing Opportunities for Women in the Cherry Industry — Cherry Growers of Australia Inc (South Australia)
This project will establish an Australian Network of Women within the cherry industry, educate women and encourage active participation at the industry’s highest levels.

Up to $45,455 — Women’s Leadership Capacity in Relation to Climate Change — Monash University Inc (Victoria)
This project examines how climate change impacts on rural women and will convene a national forum of rural women leaders to identify relevant requirements for developmental capacity.

Up to $34,182 — Seafood Industry: Priority Issues for Rural, Regional and Remote Women — Women’s Industry Network Seafood Community Inc (Queensland)
This project aims to identify the priority issues for women in the seafood industry and to inform the relevant agencies of those issues.

Up to $45,455 — Australian Agricultural Women Leading the Way — Australian Women in Agriculture Ltd (South Australia)
The project will target rural women involved in primary industries, focusing on building leadership, representative capacity and decision–making skills.

Up to $45,091 — Influencing Policy and Building Leadership Capacities of Rural Women Leaders — Condamine Catchment Natural Resource Management Corporation Ltd
This project aims to build representative capacity and decision–making skills to deliver significant input into local, state, national and international agendas on climate change.

Up to $50,000 — Social and Emotional Wellbeing Network — Rural and Remote Mental Health Queensland Ltd
This project will facilitate the development of a Social and Emotional Wellbeing (SEWB) network with a view to developing leadership skills in women in remote centres to reduce mental stress, illness, breakdown and suicide among farming families.

Up to $44,746 — Horticultural Hubs — Queensland Fruit and Vegetable Growers Inc
The program aims to establish, broaden and enhance networks between women while establishing centres of information, communication, reliance and influence.

Up to $49,200 — Confidence to Connect Strategy — Partners in Grain (NSW, Vic, Tas) Inc
This project involves the development of a regionally–based strategy to develop qualities such as resilience and confidence in women in the grain industry.

Up to $45,000 — Promoting and Supporting Women in the Sugar Industry — Queensland Cane Growers Organisation Ltd
This project will develop the skills of women aspiring to leadership roles within the sugar industry through sharing knowledge, accessing planning tools, resources and skills development opportunities, and strengthening existing networks.

Up to $45,373 — Climate Leaders Workshops and State Conference — Queensland Rural Women’s Network Inc
This project focuses on networking, innovations, working with government and industry, adding value to agriculture, and representation and advocacy skills.

Up to $44,909 — Changing Climate: Empowering Women in Rural Industries Conference — North East Downs Landcare Group Inc
This project addresses the implications of climate change for rural women and examines innovative ways to leverage from the changes associated.

Up to $44,273 — Voices in Agriculture — Women’s Industry Network — Cotton Inc
This project aims to develop a community–based leadership and change management program to encourage women to take on leadership roles in their own communities.

Up to $38,455 — Women in Decision Making on Boards and Committees — Women in Irrigation Network
This project identifies barriers to women’s participation in boards and committees, develops barrier–breaking strategies and teaches women to use objective decision–making and research skills.

Up to $43,636 — Women in Agritourism Program — The Long Paddock, Cobb Highway Touring Route
This project will encourage women to identify diversification options on their property that will connect them to tourism opportunities.

Up to $44,802 — Women of the Land: Leading Generational Change Interactive Workshops — ProAGtive Pty Ltd
This project addresses topics such as women’s role in the family farm business, women leading change, understanding dynamics of succession and succession strategies and working in multi–generational business.

Up to $45,455 — Women Leading Change Forums — Loddon Murray Community Leadership Program Inc
This project facilitates sharing of knowledge and experiences by women in the primary industry sector via the development of online networks, leadership and management skills and governance and industry decision–making skills.

Up to $21,850 — Leadership Development Workshop — Victorian Farmers Federation Inc
This project provides women with information on current structures of governing organisations in agriculture and assists in the development of skills to achieve desired roles in governing organisations.

Up to $50,000 — North East Victoria Rural Women’s Leadership Development Program — Australian Alpine Valleys Agribusiness Forum Inc
This project addresses leadership development to encourage rural women to lead themselves and their communities through periods of change.

Up to $39,310 — Climate Change Road Show — Birchip Cropping Group Inc
This project engages women from across the grains and mixed farming sectors and focuses on issues such as science and projections, mitigation, carbon and farm viability.

Up to $50,000 — Women Leading Farming Futures and Landcare — Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority
This project provides rural women with peer support, interactive learning opportunities and access to expert information on change management, decision–making, communication and public speaking.

Up to $43,455 — Women in Dairy National Gathering — Genetics Australia Pty Ltd
This project will facilitate a national gathering focusing on network building in the dairy industry, supporting current and emerging women dairy farmer leaders and building capacity to manage change and increase productivity.

Up to $15,865 — Growing Potential — Facey Group Inc
This project provides women with the skills and confidence to take action in tackling the rapid changes occurring in their communities, environment, industries, services and workplaces.

Up to $8,880 — Women’s Workshops — Mingenew—Irwin Group Inc
This project will encourage women to become leaders by focusing on skills such as effective communication, lobbying and advocacy, negotiation and conflict resolution.

Up to $3,682 — Lipstick in the Limelight: Empowering Rural Women — Wagin Woodanilling Landcare Zone Inc
This project establishes a forum for local women to develop skills in event organisation.

Up to $45,700 — Women’s Capacity: Mental Toughness for Greatness workshop series — Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association Inc
This project is aimed at developing leadership and personal skills of women associated with the cattle industry in the Northern Territory.

Up to $20,000 — A New Climate: Rural Women Leading Change — Tasmanian Women in Agriculture Inc
Women will facilitate the delivery of a forum event and research project by developing the project and managing outputs.

Up to $43,182 — Make it to Market — University of Tasmania, Institute for Regional Development Inc
The project partners with local Farmers Markets to facilitate learning, networking and knowledge–sharing agricultural activities for local women farmers.