Mitigation in the land sector is a win-win for land managers. A number of mitigation actions inform farm management practices, improve productivity and increase the sector’s resilience to a changing climate.

In relation to climate change mitigation:

  • The department is supporting land managers to benefit from the economic opportunities of the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI), while assisting Australia in achieving its long term emission reduction targets.
  • The CFI is an Australian Government scheme that allows land managers to generate carbon credits and create new earning opportunities through a range of activities, such as manure management, fertiliser management, reduced livestock emissions and improved rangeland and cropland management.
  • The Carbon Farming Futures program is helping land managers benefit from carbon farming by supporting research, on-farm trials and extension to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and maintain productivity under a changing climate. Outcomes of this program will unlock new opportunities for land managers to participate in the CFI.

Climate Change Mitigation Links

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