Recreational Fishing in Australia - 2011 and Beyond: A National Industry Development Strategy

Following wide spread consultation with the recreational fishing sector, the recreational fishing advisory committee released: Recreational fishing in Australia – 2011 and beyond: a national industry development strategy (the Strategy). 

The Strategy is a $2 million, three year election commitment of the Australian Government to the recreational fishing industry to improve the Australian recreational fishing experience. The Strategy includes a review of the 1994 National Recreational Fishing Policy.

The Australian Government plays an important stewardship role in the review of recreational fishing policy and the development and implementation of the Strategy.

State and territory governments are responsible for the day-to-day management of recreational fisheries. This includes the recreational components of some Commonwealth managed commercial fisheries i.e. game fishing.

The Strategy provides opportunities for the recreational fishing industry to:

  • advise the minister on the review of the 1994 National Recreational Fishing Policy and the development of the Strategy
  • advise the minister on specific initiatives that encourage the promotion of sustainable fishing, education and awareness for children and angler communities, together with best practice environmental standards for recreational fishing
  • work closely with the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation to invest in leadership training and education and awareness campaigns for the recreational fishing industry.