International forestry activities

The Australian Government is involved in international efforts to foster the sustainable management of forests globally. The Department of Agriculture's goal is to assist our forest industry to grow, improve and capitalise on international opportunities while protecting the environment and contributing to the prosperity and quality of life in rural and regional Australia. To achieve this, the department is engaged in a number of high-level initiatives and forums that deal with issues related to illegal logging, forest certification, sustainable forest management and market access.

Illegal Logging

The government is strongly opposed to illegal logging and the importation of illegally sourced timber products. Illegal logging is a significant global issue. It degrades forest environments, contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, reduces biodiversity, results in a loss of government revenue and deprives local communities of ownership rights and opportunities to improve their quality of life. Click here for further details on Australia’s efforts to combat illegal logging.

Capacity Building

Illegal Logging: Regional Capacity Building Partnership

The $8 million Illegal Logging: Regional Capacity Building Partnership, announced on 13 December 2012, aims to build capacity in the Asia Pacific region to implement timber legality verification systems.

Asia-Pacific Forestry Skills and Capacity Building Program

The Forestry Branch is coordinating the Asia-Pacific Forestry Skills and Capacity Building Program.

International Forums

The Department of Agriculture has overall responsibility for representing Australia's interests in international and regional forums and processes where forestry matters are discussed. The Department of Agriculture also contributes to other forums and activities which are the responsibility of other Australian Government agencies.