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National Forest Policy Statement

​​The management of Australia’s forests is guided by the 1992 National Forest Policy Statement (NFPS). The NFPS was signed by the Australian Government and all mainland state and territory governments in December 1992 and by the Tasmanian Government in April 1995.

As signatories to the NFPS, the Australian, state and territory governments are committed to the sustainable management of all Australian forests, whether the forest is on public or private land, or reserved or available for production.

In developing the NFPS, governments were mindful of the important conservation values of Australia's forests, and of the contribution that forest-based activities make to the national economy and rural and regional communities. This is reflected in the Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs) which were a key outcome of the NFPS.

Information released under the FOI Act

The department received a Freedom of Information Act 1982 request (FOI 2014/15-11) for documents in relation to a proposed revision of the National Forest Policy Statement.  

In response, two documents were released to the applicant on 28 October 2014:

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22 May 2015