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Australian fumigation accreditation scheme

​​​​​​In response to the high quarantine risk posed by ineffective fumigation treatments performed offshore, the department developed the Australian Fumigation Accreditation Scheme (AFAS).

AFAS is:

  • A management system run by participating overseas government agencies to ensure continued compliance of fumigators with the requirements of the departmental Methyl Bromide Fumigation Standard
  • A training and accreditation system for fumigators and regulatory officers
  • A registration system for fumigation companies
  • Acceptance by Australia of fumigation certificates issued under AFAS.

AFAS objectives are to:

  • Provide capacity building assistance to overseas regulatory officers, in respect to registering, monitoring and auditing fumigation companies.
  • Improve the technical expertise of overseas fumigators and regulatory officers by providing world's best practice methyl bromide fumigation training. 
  • Assist fumigators to maintain a high standard of fumigation performance and compliance with departmental requirements. 
Fumigation companies that competently demonstrate they have the necessary equipment to perform effective fumigation treatments and have at least one AFAS–accredited fumigator present at all fumigations on cargo destined for Australia are eligible to be AFAS registered. ​

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Last reviewed:
17 Nov 2015