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Quarantine Approved Premises Application Process

​​​​​When assessing whether your premises can be approved as a Quarantine Approved Premises (QAP), the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources​ takes into account the nature of the goods and the quarantine risks posed by them and specifies the conditions that you, as the QAP Operator, must meet to ensure the risks are minimised.

Completing your application

You must fill out and submit the above application form when, you or your business is seeking approval:

  • of a premises as a QAP
  • of a premises as a co-located QAP
  • to relocate your existing QAP.
  • to add additional QAP classes to your existing QAP approval.

The department can provide you with general advice prior to lodging an application form. If you need specific information or want an officer to visit your site you will need to lodge an application form and pay the application fee first.  

QAP approval process

To obtain approval of a premises to operate as a QAP at a minimum, you will need to:

  • meet the QAP Conditions of Approval, where applicable
  • satisfy the structural and procedural requirements as detailed in the applicable QAP class criteria
  • meet any other requirements, conditions or directions as set by the department; for example, an Import Permit. This will depend on the goods the Applicant intends to import and what the Applicant intends to do with them.

After the application form and supporting information is submitted to the department, you will be required to pay an application fee. Once the application fee has been received an initial assessment is conducted to ensure that the applicable criteria have been met. After the successful completion of the assessment the department will conduct a preapproval audit of your premises.

Applications are subject to approval by the Director of Quarantine and will be assessed on their individual merits with consideration being given to the quarantine risk and serviceability associated with the location and circumstances of each premises.

If the department requires further information from you to support your application, you will receive a written request for this information. The request will include the date by which the information must be provided to the department. The date will generally be 60 calendar days from the date of the request. If you do not supply the information by the date on the request your application will be rejected. If you want to continue with your application after it has been rejected you will need to lodge a new application form and pay a new application fee.

Application fees

The approval of your premises is subject to payment of an application fee and compliance with the relevant QAP criteria. The department will generate an invoice for you, on receipt of a completed application form.

The fee is non-refundable. Once an application has been lodged the fee will become due and is a legitimate debt (fully recoverable). The fee is for one application only, excluding co-located premises, and cannot be transferred to another Applicant.

The Quarantine Services Fees Determination 2005 lists two QAP application fees. The fees are:

  • $1200 for applications lodged from 1 July to 31 December – which covers administration costs (including IT systems) and 5 hours of application assessment time
  • $600 for applications lodged from 1 January to 30 June – which covers administration costs (including IT systems) and 1.5 hours of application assessment time.

There is no difference in the time taken to assess an application regardless of the time of year an application is lodged. Any time taken to assess the application over and above the time included in the application fee will be charged for at fee-for-service rates. Where the time taken to assess the application is less than the times stated no refund is applicable.

The pre-approval audit, including pre and post audit activities, is not included in the application assessment time. 

Information about the department’s current fees and charges are available in the Quarantine Fees and Charging Guidelines.


Some training may be required as part of the approval process depending on the class of QAP you are applying for.

For further information on training please see the QAP Accreditation Training page on the department website.

Applying for a co-located QAP

Co-location is the approval of multiple QAPs under one parent QAP. An application for co-location can only be approved when:

  • all QAPs are within one physical site
  • there is one Senior Manager common to all QAPs
  • all QAPs belong to one organisation or company.

If all of the above criteria cannot be met by your business, you cannot apply for co-location.

To apply for a co-located QAP, you will need to complete the Application for Approval of a Place for the Performance of Quarantine form.

For further information about co-located QAPs, please refer to the department’s Co-location Policy – Operator Guide.

Last reviewed:
23 Sep 2015