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Quarantine Approved Premises (QAP)

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The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources​ approves Quarantine Approved Premises (QAPs) as places where post-entry quarantine requirements may be carried out on a wide range of plants, animals and plant and animal products. QAPs may also be approved for the quarantine handling of items of non-animal or plant origin; for example, those dealing with auto parts, scrap metal, cars and machinery.

By making provision for the registration of suitable places that conform to the department’s requirements, it is possible to avoid placing many restrictions on importers and to ensure that registered places provide an appropriate degree of security and control against the introduction of exotic pests and diseases.

The following pages provide detailed information on the department’s conditions, requirements and policies relating to QAPs.​

Please contact Audit S​ervices for more information about QAPs.

Last reviewed:
20 Nov 2015