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Import Conditions Database (ICON)

​​​​​​​The Department of Agriculture's Import Conditions Database (ICON) provides current Australian import requirements for more than 20 000 foreign plant, animal, mineral and human commodities.

Access ICON for Australian import conditions.​

You can use ICON to determine whether a commodity intended for import to Australia:

  • is permitted​
  • needs an import permit
  • needs quarantine treatment
  • has any other prerequisites, including payment of permit fees.

It is the importer’s responsibility to ensure that they comply with Australian import conditions. We cannot advise on whether particular commodities will pass quarantine inspection.

Use ICON's Permit Status Query to check the status of your import permit or reference number.

See our ICON Alerts on trending topics and changes to import requirements. Check the latest version for updates.

Launch Import Conditions Database (ICON)

Graphic image of the ICON database launch button

Last reviewed:
12 May 2015