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Last updated: 31 Aug 2011

Michael Cox

There is no justification for the abuse Australian animals have received at the hands of those who have no regard for animal welfare and so inflict immense terror and pain on these defenceless helpless beings. Once our animals leave Australia there is no way we can ensure they will be treated according to international minimum standards, which are supposed to be set so that developing countries can achieve these levels.

Besides the mistreatment suffered in abattoirs overseas, the journeys onboard massive ships catered to carry tens of thousands of animals are cruelty in itself. There are always mortalities onboard these ships, however, the accuracy of reported numbers is questionable. The suffering these animals endure on journeys lasting up to 3 weeks is unimaginable.

The governing industries have failed dismally in regulating the industry and ensuring the welfare of our animals. They have had 20 years at the very least to improve conditions and yet all we see are constant appearances of animals being subject to disgusting abuse. Meat and Livestock Australia have failed in their duty of care to the public, the people it represents and the animals it is supposed to safeguard. Many of their practises seem rather questionable and that they are more concerned with appearances rather than reality. They should be investigated.

I am interested as to the outcome of this independent inquiry, along with the Senate inquiry, and wonder if they will reach the same conclusion as the 1985 inquiry which stated live animal exports should not continue.

Yours sincerely

Michael Cox