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Last updated: 26 Jul 2011

RJ & MJ Bennett

To whom it may concern,

We wish to express our absolute disgust how some people can watch a TV documentary then harass Federal Government to perform a knee jerk reaction to ban live cattle exports.

People living and managing cattle properties have a hard enough life without pressure groups trying to close down their businesses. These Graziers love their animals and most don’t have the privilege of watching TV.

In the world there is a food shortage. It is absolutely horrible seeing starving frames of children and people who would dearly love a piece of meat to eat having to go to bed hungry because some persons who most likely lives near supermarket in a city tries to cut off their only meal for the day.

How can these knockers of the live cattle trade be so inhuman when these poor people who receives this beef do not have refrigerators or electricity therefore they have to buy a daily amount to feed their family.

Indonesians are our neighbors and we must respect their customs. If some slaughtering places are doing the wrong thing send the beef to those who are doing what we perceive as correct. But please do not hurt innocent cattle people who should be praised for the wonderful job they do feeding starving people and children throughout the world.  This farmer bullying mentality has to stop.


RJ and MJ Bennett