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Last updated: 10 Aug 2011

Tracey Fraser

I am absolutely appalled that our country continues to endorse the live export trade.  Evidence has been submitted to the Australian Government, time and time again, showing graphic detail of the cruel and unnecessary suffering of animals which are shipped around the world for the ‘benefit’ of the Australian economy.

I ask that the Australian government cease live export trade immediately – failure to do so constitutes implicit support of these atrocities. These are Australian animals…..we would not condone these acts of cruelty within our own country, so why is the Australian Government accepting of this treatment to Australian animals just because they are no longer on our soil?

The Australian Government recently threw away $45 million on a bid for the Soccer World Cup when there was very little real chance that we would ever be granted host nation status.  If we can afford to spend tax payers’ money so frivolously, surely some funding can be made available to address this disgusting practice such as reviving abattoirs in the top end and out west to process livestock humanely.  The chilled meat industry is an industry which already brings millions of dollars into the country…why can’t this be expanded?

I cannot support a Government who puts money ahead of animal welfare....I think you would find most Australians would agree with this statement. In this day and age, ethical and moral issues should far out weigh any financial gain.

I understand the need to protect Australian farmers, but there is absolutely no excuse for animal cruelty.  In fact a number of Australian farmers are quite distressed having learnt of the mistreatment and abuse of their animals.  A total ban will send a clear message that Australia will not accept these practices on any level.  Already it is evident that domestic meat sales are down by 10 to 15% as a result of the public outcry.
It is time that the Australian Government listened to the people.  The current Labor Government did not receive a mandate from the people at the last election and is in fact very fortunate to hold the balance of power.  There is an overwhelming response and sense of outrage over this issue from the electorate.  Please do the Australian public the courtesy of listening to their voice and ending this abhorrent trade.

I would also like to point out that I was only made aware of the submission process today via a contact.  Given the public outrage over this issue I would have thought the call for submissions for this review would have been more widely publicized.  Is there any chance of this deadline being extended so that more people are able to give their point of view?  I am certain that given the opportunity that many people would respond to this review.

Tracey Fraser