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Last updated: 27 Jul 2011

Troy Smith

Dear Sir/ Madam,

No cattle producer condones cruelty to animals of any kind.

I’ve read the Terms of Reference in relation to this matter.

Australia must monitor and have in place a Risk Management Strategy for the slaughter of our animals.

We must see that the killing facilities abide by World Organization for Animal Health.

Much of Northern Australia cannot carry the live stock numbers all year round, which is much better cared for by "spelling" it after shipping stock.

The government has allowed the abattoirs that existed in these areas in the past to be purchased [mainly by foreign investment] and closed down.

The distances, trauma for the stock, and expenses are too great to move cattle elsewhere to be treated in Australia.

There is no refrigeration capable of handling these amounts of chilled beef in Asian countries.  They just don’t have the money.

Our beef industry pays our MLA adequate levies to see that infrastructure, training and monitoring of Indonesian facilities are acceptable.

MLA should lift their performance and do the job they’re supposed to do better.

The live export stock numbers which would flood the local market would render the cattle industry unviable.

The domino effect this would have right throughout the Australian economy is horrendous.

Unemployment would soar.

So much was made over the gruesome killing of animals.  Did anyone watch the magnitude of the horrors and atrocities committed against humanity in Sri Lanka and Australia and Australians, and politicians, and the Greens have done NOTHING to bring justice to our world.

Troy Smith