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Last updated: 8 Aug 2011

Viv and Caralyn Caspani

To Whom It May Concern,

Please accept this as our submission hightlighting the need for the live export trade to continue.

  1. Indonesia is a third world country, most people living there do not have fridges and buy their meat from a market. They feel if it is warm so they know it is fresh and has been killed the night before. Sending cold boxed beef to people with no fridges and a requirement for warm meat is not an option.
  2. Most of the abattoirs in Indonesia are adhering to the relevant animal welfare standards. The abattoirs who are not should be made to change, but shutting down an entire industry on the basis of a small number who are doing wrong is nearsighted and showing lack of responsibility to both the Australian and Indonesian people.
  3. There is already a ripple effect occurring from this decision which is affecting not only beef producers in Northern Australia, but transport companies, schools, small towns, shops, small businesses, and let us not forget, those in Indonesia who rely on this industry. The full effects of this decision have not been realised yet, but are already causing significant economic impact.
  4. If animal welfare is truly at the forefront of people’s minds, then is the Australian Government going to be as concerned if cattle from other countries are being killed inhumanely? Surely if a problem has been identified and people are truly concerned, then Australian cattle should continue to be sent to Indonesia to ensure the standards are maintained and to make sure that we can monitor the situation.
  5. If cattle from countries in which Foot and Mouth Disease is present are sent to Indonesia, then it increases the risk of this disease entering Australia.

Please consider the thousands of Australian families that are suffering from this decision already.


Viv and Caralyn Caspani