MICoR (Plants) contains information about the conditions to export plants and plant products, including fruit, vegetables, seeds, grains, cut flowers and timber from Australia. It is a simple and convenient reference tool detailing the requirements for Import Permits, Phytosanitary Certificates, Additional Declarations and/or treatments, and also any other relevant export information and documentation, such as protocols.

Exporters must meet both the requirements of the Export Control Act (1982) and its subordinate legislation and any importing country quarantine requirements for the Department of Agriculture to provide the necessary documentation to enable products to be exported. The Australian Government is a signatory to the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), and strongly supports international cooperation in controlling pests of plants and plant products through science based quarantine measures that will prevent the unintended spread of pests to other countries through imported products.

If importing country requirements of a particular country or commodity are not contained in MICoR Plants, exporters should seek information regarding any specific quarantine requirements of the importing country from the relevant quarantine authority.

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 The End use option "Consumption" is for that grain / seed which will be used for human consumption. Any grain / seed being exported for animal consumption, the End use option "Stockfeed" would apply.

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This section contains documents relevant to plant exports, but which are not country or commodity specific. Within this section are 'Protocols' - the bilateral agreements between the Department of Agriculture and the importing country NPPO and Workplans, which have been developed from the protocols.

Not all Protocols have had a Workplan developed, andf not all Workplans have a Protocol.

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