Australian Landcare Council

The Australian Landcare Council (the council) is the Australian Government’s key advisory body on Landcare. The council is established under the Commonwealth Natural Resources Management (Financial Assistance) Act 1992 that identifies the function of the council (Part 13.(2) a) b)) as:

  1. to make recommendations to the Minister and the Minister for the Arts, Sport, the Environment and Territories on:
    1. matters concerning natural resources management; and
    2. priorities and strategies for natural resources management; and
  2. to investigate and report to the Commonwealth Government on matters concerning natural resources management referred to it by either of the Ministers.

The council provides the government with advice on a number of issues including insight into future opportunities to ensure the Landcare movement and Australian community can meet the challenges of food security, climate variability, supporting volunteers and maintaining the environment. More information is available in the council's brochure PDF icon PDF [1.1 MB].

These important issues will form part of the discussions at the quarterly meetings of the council. For information on council meeting outcomes and achievements refer to the council’s updates and annual reports.

The council has prepared a number of public submissions and reports.

Council appointees have strong local environment, community and natural resource management skills and abilities relevant to the work of the council. See a short biography of each member.

The council supports the implementation and promotion of principles in the Australian Framework for Landcare and the Community Call for Action and is responsible for overseeing the five-year (mid-term) review of the Australian Framework for Landcare and the Community Call for Action on behalf of the Landcare community. The review will evaluate the progress that has been made against the key elements identified by the community in the Framework. The council will work closely with the Australian Government to identify opportunities and help the community fulfil its objectives.

For more information contact the council’s secretariat on +61 02 6272 5911 or email the ALC Secretariat.