Australian Landcare Council Update Meeting 50, Pennyroyal, Victoria, 7-9 November 2011

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The 50th meeting of the Australian Landcare Council was held in rural Victoria on 7-9 November 2011.

On the day preceding the two day meeting the council visited a number of projects in the Corangamite natural resource management region and met with representatives from the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority, Woady Yaloak Catchment Group, Otway Agroforestry Network and other local community groups.

Advice to Government

The council further developed their advice to Minister Ludwig and the broader Australian Government on a range of matters of importance in managing Australia’s natural resources, including:

  • How the regional delivery model could be enhanced to better incorporate and support Landcare groups (including sustainable production groups) to deliver improved sustainable farm and land practice outcomes.
  • The support required or actions that could be undertaken to improve volunteer recruitment and retention.
  • How groups could be encouraged to report on what they have achieved and to share their stories to ensure that it is embraced as a community priority and an important role of the Landcare movement.
  • The role Landcare can play in improving the resilience of regional and remote communities, particularly in the face of natural disasters.

The council’s Indigenous Working Group is investigating opportunities for improving Indigenous participation in NRM through Impact Bonds and Green Teams. The Working Group is also analysing identified barriers and lessons learned from projects that support Indigenous participation in natural resource management. This will be used to provide further advice on opportunities that could improve engagement of Indigenous people in natural resource management.

The council discussed a model to simplify the Landcare funding approach based on the Medicare system which recognises national consistency, simplicity for small groups and the value in having Landcare groups registered with a five year action plan.

Draft Landcare Action Plan ‘Community Call for Action’

The council finalised the Draft Landcare Action Plan ‘Community Call for Action’, that has been developed on behalf of the Landcare movement to support the Australian Framework for Landcare. In responding to feedback from the Landcare community, the plan communicates key themes identified by community through the consultation process. The plan now clearly aligns with the Australian Framework for Landcare. The Community Call for Action provides an opportunity for existing and prospective stakeholders and partners to commit their future support and engage with the Landcare movement in addressing sustainability issues of common concern. Council is finalising its response to the feedback and key messages received from community and has developed key strategies to assist in strengthening the Landcare approach into the future.


The council welcomed presentations from the following guests exploring ideas about the relevance of the Landcare approach and productive farming systems:

  • Mr John McDougal (Chairman - Southern Farming Systems)
  • Mr Mike Weise (Executive Officer – WestVic Dairy)
  • Mr Rowan Reid and Mr David Curry (Otway Agroforesty Network)
  • Mr Rob Youl (International Landcare)


The council will shortly finalise its paper Evolution of the Landcare approach in Australia. It will be made available on the Australian Landcare Council web page. The paper documents how Landcare has evolved since its inception and the role of government support programs from the perspective of the former National Landcare Facilitator, Coral Love.

The council’s next meeting will be held in 13-14 February 2011 in Canberra.

For more information or for previous AL C Updates visit Australian Landcare Council web page