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​Australia is fortunate to be free from many weeds that may harm Australia’s primary industries and environment. To help protect Australia from the negative effects of exotic threats, you need to know how to identify an exotic weed and what to do if you find one.

If you suspect an exotic weed …

Report a biosecurity concern

If you see something that could have entered Australia with imported goods and you think it may threaten Australia’s biosecurity, telephone 1800 798 636 or complete our Report a biosecurity concern form.

Call the Exotic plant pest hotline

If you suspect you have found an exotic weed or an unusual plant, telephone Australia’s Exotic Plant Pest Hotline on 1800 084 881 and clearly describe what you have seen. You may be instructed how to collect a sample to help identify the plant.

Talk to your local weed authority

Contact you state or territory government agency responsible for weeds.

Exotic weeds watch list

Familiarise yourself with some of the exotic weeds that threaten the biosecurity of Australia’s primary industries and the environment. You will be better able to recognise them if they enter the country.

Management of weeds in Australia

Weeds management provides an overview of weeds management in Australia

Weed assessment of new import plants

The department evaluates new plant species for their potential to become weeds before they are allowed into Australia. Read about the weed risk assessment process.

Emergency preparedness and response

Australia is fortunate to be free from many exotic weeds that may harm Australia’s agricultural sector and environment. Should an incursion of an exotic weed pest occur in Australia, we have well established response arrangements in place.

See National pests & disease outbreak for information on national pest, disease and weed incursions.

Last reviewed:
13 Nov 2015